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          University Initiatives

          Through a consistent and systematic approach to addressing challenges and capitalizing on opportunities, Edinboro University works proactively to fulfill its mission as a public regional comprehensive university.

          Reeder Hall

          Under the leadership of President H. Fred Walker and through the framework of shared governance, the University pursues sustainability, growth, and refinement through a process of fact-finding, analysis, external validation and timely decision making. In keeping with a process grounded in integrity, transparency and accountability, details of each new University Initiative will be shared here as they develop.

          Town Hall Meeting – 2/16/17

          If you weren't able to make it to the Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, February 16 at 10 a.m., you can watch the live feed at and download the presentation (PDF) here.

          President's Listening Tour

          Throughout much of the 2016 Fall Semester, President Walker conducted his first Listening Tour of academic departments and other units of the University while simultaneously engaging in extensive efforts to build relationships with as many external constituents as possible. He plans to share the findings of the 2016 Listening Tour early in the Spring 2017 semester and to conduct the campus-wide listening initiative annually during the fall semester.

          Packages of Achievements/Interventions

          On October 12, 2016, the first iteration of a "Package of Interventions" (POI) was shared with the campus community to document actions taken to address challenges and capitalize on opportunities. A new POI will be shared approximately every 60 days.

          October 12, 2016 POI

          January 24, 2017 POI

          December 2016 - March 2017 POI

          April and May 2017 POI

          Working Groups

          Three Working Groups (WG's) are being formed in December 2016 with a charge of conducting fact-finding and a SCOT analysis to provide a frank and objective assessment of our university and help determine the path forward toward sustainability, growth and refinement. Our goal is to ensure all members of our university community clearly understand our financial position and the University's Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Threats preceding the development of strategy and plans to enhance our efficacy and effectiveness relative to our charter as a public regional comprehensive university.

          Working Groups Announcement Message - November 28, 2016

          Data Repository and Working Groups Questions - December 20, 2016

          Working Groups Membership Rosters - January 23, 2017

          Working Groups Validation Results - March 7, 2017

          Data Validation and SCOT Analysis - March 22, 2017

          EU - Path Forward

          Transformation Commission:

          Task Forces

          Task Force Timelines

          EU Experience: An Illustration (the 3D Cube)

          EU Transformation Commission Presentation - March 8, 2018

          EU Student Experience

          A framework for Moving Forward - EU Now and in the Future

          Statement from President H. Fred Walker - March 30, 2017

          Our Path Forward - September 7, 2017

          FAQ for Our Path Forward - September 20, 2017