BA - Art History

Program Number: 0337

The Bachelor of Arts in Art History is a four-year undergraduate degree program in the history and theory of art and art criticism. Courses examine painting, sculpture, architecture, decorative arts, environmental art, performance art, body art, film, and video. The program incorporates both traditional and more recent approaches to the study of art. Approaches include stylistic analysis, connoisseurship and iconography, as well as social history, interdisciplinary study, and deconstructive strategies. Students begin with broad overviews of Western and non-Western art and period courses in Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, 18th, 19th and 20th century studies. More advanced classes focus on issues stimulated by ideological, gender, ethnic, and political perspectives. Courses also provide a background in art theory, criticism, and methodologies such as semiotics, feminism, deconstruction, and post- structuralism.

The version of the program that applies to you depends on your semester of admission to the program.

If you are unsure regarding your semester of program admission (also known as the "catalog term"),
please see your academic advisor or the department chairperson for this information.