BS - Computer Science (Theoretical Track)

Program Number: 0494

The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science is designed to prepare individuals to meet challenges in the rapidly growing and changing field of computer science.

More specifically, the Theoretical track of the BS in Computer Science is designed around national curriculum models, employment opportunities, and admissions requirements to graduate programs in computer science. Within the framework of general education courses and courses in computer science and mathematics, this degree will prepare the students for a variety of positions in the computer field, including system software developers and engineers, network and communications engineers, and computer scientists. Additionally, the program is designed to provide the appropriate background for further study in the computer science field and to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to become responsible employees and citizens.

The version of the program that applies to you depends on your semester of admission to the program.

If you are unsure regarding your semester of program admission (also known as the "catalog term"),
please see your academic advisor or the department chairperson for this information.