BS - Physics (3/2 Engineering Track)

Program Number: 0434

Edinboro University and the Colleges of Engineering and of Earth and Mineral Sciences of The Pennsylvania State University, the Behrend College of Pennsylvania State University, Case Western Reserve University, and the School of Engineering of the University of Pittsburgh have established cooperative educational programs in liberal arts and engineering. An enrolled student at Edinboro University will spend three years, or the equivalent, studying liberal arts subjects along with basic mathematics, physics, chemistry, and introductory engineering courses. After satisfactory completion of the Edinboro phase of the program and recommendation by the Engineering Studies Committee of Edinboro University, they will spend two years or the equivalent at one of the cooperative universities, where they will complete the engineering course requirements as specified by that institution. Successful completion of this program will lead to an appropriate baccalaureate degree from each institution. Since normal progression through the cooperative program will consist of 3 years of study at Edinboro University and 2 years of study at the cooperating university, the program is called a 3/2 Program in Engineering. Case Western Reserve University refers to their cooperating program as the Binary Program, and also allows transfer into curricula other than engineering.

The version of the program that applies to you depends on your semester of admission to the program.

If you are unsure regarding your semester of program admission (also known as the "catalog term"),
please see your academic advisor or the department chairperson for this information.