BSEd - Math & Social Studies - Option 2 (Middle Level Education)

Program Number: 0277

The middle level concentration for education majors includes four Option 1 concentrations and five Option II Concentrations. Option 1 concentrations are designed specifically for one concentration area. Option 2 concentrations include a high-need content area (math and/or science) plus a second content area. In addition, content courses in the specialty areas are aligned with the PA Common Core Standards. In Option I candidates complete a minimum of 30 credit hours in their program concentration and 12 credits in each of the remaining three areas. In Option 2 candidates complete a minimum of 21 credit hours in two content areas and 12 credits in each of the remaining two areas.

Teacher candidates are required to participate in a variety of learning experiences including in diverse settings in public schools. After meeting the requirements for middle level certification, candidates will be certified to teach in grades 4-8.

The version of the program that applies to you depends on your semester of admission to the program.

If you are unsure regarding your semester of program admission (also known as the "catalog term"),
please see your academic advisor or the department chairperson for this information.