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Edinboro University's Department of Geosciences is the largest and most diverse in the region. The Department consists of 15 full-time faculty, including eight geographers, five geologists, a meteorologist, and a space scientist. The Department offers baccalaureate programs in both geography and geology with concentrations available in environmental science/studies and planning. The faculty are teachers first, but are also internationally recognized for their scholarly research.

Career Opportunities
Our graduates typically pursue careers working with state and federal government agencies, the oil and gas industry, and as area specialists, cartographers/GIS specialists, environmental managers, conservation agents, environmental consultants, and urban and community planners.

Department facilities include:

  • Planetarium
  • State-of-the-art laboratory and analytical equipment for geologic studies
  • State-of-the-art cartographic/geographic information systems lab
  • Wide variety of field equipment including GPS
  • Pontoon boat for lake studies
  • On-site seismograph
  • On-site weather station
  • Outstanding rock, mineral, and fossil collections

Our students have completed successful internships with agencies and companies such as the Pa. Department of Transportation, the Western Pa. Port Authority, Environmental Coordination Services and Recycling, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, the Edinboro Water Treatment Plant, and the U.S. Forest Service.

Travel Opportunities
Students in the Department have opportunities to travel to and study in locations such as the Adirondacks, Utah, Arizona, the Bahamas, and Hawaii.

Scholarship Support
Financial assistance is granted annually to several of our deserving undergraduates on a competitive basis. Our departmental awards include the DiPillo, Ramsay, Schneider, Geosciences, and Howard Falls endowments.

Student Organizations
Many of our students are active in organizations such as Sigma Gamma Epsilon (National Earth Science Honor Society), Gamma Theta Epsilon (International Honor Society in Geography), and the Astronomy/Planetarium Club.

Graduate School Placement
Our graduates have received teaching and research assistantships at schools such as the University of Montana, Bowling Green University, the University of Delaware, North Carolina State, and the University of Hawaii.

Successful Alumni
Our graduates are enjoying careers all over the world with employers as diverse as the University of Southern Mississippi, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Environ Corporation, Asbury Woods Nature Center, the Erie County Department of Planning, Booz Allen Hamilton Consultants, Moody and Associates, Inc., the Crawford County Conservation District, and the Pa. Department of Environmental Protection.

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Degree Programs

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