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          Department of Communication Studies
          Compton Hall, Room 208
          210 East Normal Street
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2444

          Dr. Kathleen M. Golden
          Department Chair
          Phone: (814) 732-2528

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          Application Areas

          Within the Communication Studies Department, undergraduate students complete a rigorous core of communication courses highlighting key areas of the discipline. Students can then select one of three areas of application in which to become more knowledgeable.

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          Managerial & Leadership Communication

          Majors in this area focus on the communicative practices that occur in organizational settings. Students gain the theoretical and practical understanding necessary to manage and lead for-profit and non-profit organizations by managing teams, planning projects and events, leading change, solving problems, and developing communication competencies. Some potential career titles include: event manager, college admissions professional, agency director, nonprofit administrator, communication trainer, employee development officer, account manager and recruiter. Some courses we offer to prepare you in this area include: Customer Relations & Communication, Business & Professional Communication, Communication Training & Development, Event Planning, Leadership Communication, and Interviewing Principles & Practices.

          Communication & Public Advocacy

          Majors in this area develop a diverse set of skills by studying the theory, philosophy and practical applications of rhetoric and persuasion in areas including social activism, government, law, religion and professional writing. Students explore social movements, cultural studies, political campaigns, human rights, and public argumentation as a means of analyzing public discourse and advocating on behalf of individuals, organizations and causes. Some potential career titles include: conflict mediation specialist, community organizer, diversity officer, lobbyist, public information writer, government relations officer, labor negotiator, political campaign director, and patient rights advocate. Some courses we offer to prepare you in this area include: Conflict Management, Argumentation & Debate, Freedom of Speech, Political Campaign Communication, and Conflict, Power and Communication.

          Applied Communication

          Majors focused in this area learn to design and execute communication messages and campaigns to inform and persuade specific audiences. Students will hone their writing, speaking and critical thinking skills as they explore communication contexts, theories, and processes as a means of understanding and critically analyzing social influence. Some potential career titles include: advertising executive, development officer/fundraiser, pharmaceutical or professional salaried salesperson, customer service representative, health promotion specialist, corporate communication director, and crisis manager. Some courses we offer to prepare you in this area include: Customer Relations & Communication, Dynamics of Sales Promotion, Political Campaign Communication, Crisis Communication, Communication Strategies in Advertising, and Health Communication.