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          Dr. Gary Levine
          Department Chair
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          Course Requirements

          The course requirements for the Master of Arts Program in Clinical Psychology at Edinboro University that is now in moratorium are listed on this page.

          Individuals must comply with the degree requirements established by Edinboro University for the Master of Arts degree. A degree will not be awarded solely on the basis of credit earned. Candidates for the degree must demonstrate they possess the ability to assume the degree of responsibility required of a mental health professional and the personal characteristics essential to effective working relationships with others. Students in this program must also:

          • Satisfactorily complete a non-credit master's project.
          • Satisfactorily complete a comprehensive examination.
          • Have earned a cumulative average of "B" or better at the time they are scheduled to enroll for the course PSYC 744 Internship. No more than 6 semester hours of "C" grades may be earned prior to enrollment in PSYC 744.
          • Earn a grade of "S" (Satisfactory) in the course PSYC 744 Internship. A minimum of 48 semester hours is required for completion of this degree.

          These credits need to be earned as follows:

          • PSYC 664 Clinical Neuropsychology (3 sem. hrs.)
          • PSYC 668 Personality Development (3 sem. hrs.)
          • PSYC 716 Childhood Psychopathology (3 sem. hrs.)
          • PSYC 744 Internship (12 sem. hrs.) - In this course the student will receive a grade of either "S" (Satisfactory) or "U" (Unsatisfactory)
          • PSYC 761 Adult Psychopathology (3 sem. hrs.)
          • PSYC 762 Clinical Assessment I: Cognitive (3 sem. hrs.)
          • PSYC 763 Clinical Assessment II: Objective Personality Assessment (3 sem. hrs.)
          • PSYC 764 Psychopharmacology (3 sem. hrs.)
          • PSYC 766 Learning Basis of Behavior Change (3 sem. hrs.)
          • PSYC 767 Essentials of Psychotherapy (3 sem. hrs.)
          • PSYC 768 Clinical Research Methods (3 sem. hrs.)
          • PSYC 770 Ethics and Professional Issues (3 sem. hrs.)
          • PSYC 773 Clinical Assessment III: The Rorschach Test & Other Projectives (3 sem. hr.)

          Related Elective Courses for Licensure in Pennsylvania

          • COUN 705 Group Processes in the Helping Professions
          • COUN 712 Human Development
          • COUN 715 Career Development & Life Planning
          • COUN 745 Multi-Cultural Counseling
          • PSYC 740 Practicum in Clinical Psychology* (3 sem. hr.)