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          Dr. Terry McKelvey 
          Graduate Program Head
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          Lee Rexrode
          Phone: (814) 732-2309

          Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics

          Ignite your passion
          with an MFA in Ceramics

          The MFA in Ceramics program at Edinboro University promotes artistic excellence as graduate students further develop an individual direction, whether in ceramic sculpture or functional pottery. Students develop advanced handbuilding, moldmaking, wheelthrowing, kiln firing procedures, glaze and claybody chemistry. Graduate students may enroll in specialty courses in kiln building and/or glaze calculation.

          Our 6,000-square-foot ceramics facility offers virtually all methods of firing using approximately 20 kilns of various sizes and types.

          Kilns Include

          • (1) 45 cu. ft. downdraft (car kiln)
          • (4) 20 cu. ft. Alpine gas kilns
          • (1) 30 cu. ft. Alpine gas kiln
          • (1) 2 cu. ft. Alpine gas test kiln
          • (1) 50 cu. ft. Fiber kiln
          • (1) 60 cu. ft. downdraft kiln
          • (3) raku kilns of varying sizes
          • (5) electric kilns (23" x 27")
          • (1) large oval electric kiln
          • (1) electric (test) kiln
          • (1) salt kiln (45 cu. ft.)
          • (1) Soda-kiln (35 cu.ft)
          • (1) cross-draft wood kiln (35 cu. ft)

          Other Equipment Includes

          • (4) clay mixers
          • (1) pug mill
          • (2) spray booths, ball-mill
          • (2) slab-rollers
          • (27) wheels (Randalls and Brents)
          • (2) extruders

          Visiting artists routinely lecture on our campus each semester. These lectures and demonstrations add variety and depth to our already comprehensive course offerings. These professionals are invited by our students through the activities of the Clay Club. Additionally, students participate in field trips and attend a national ceramics conference each year. Each year interested students and the University organize field trips to the nearby cultural centers of Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo, as well as Toronto, Chicago, Washington DC and New York City. In addition, graduate students have access to funding for travel to view art work, install shows and participate in conferences through the Graduate Professional Development program.

          On campus, the student-run Bates Gallery exhibits thirty solo and group shows of student work each academic year. Every spring, an outside juror selects works and monetary prizes for the Bruce Gallery’s Annual Student show.

          Graduate students also are encouraged to actively participate in the local art community to build both their knowledge base and their portfolios. Edinboro students enjoy numerous regional venues for exhibiting their work, including the Annual Erie Art Museum show, the Meadville Council on the Arts, summer public art events and galleries in Meadville and Erie. Some students exhibit their work in group shows in Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Cleveland, as each city is about 100 miles from Edinboro. The Spectator, the student newspaper and the Erie Times News are receptive to publishing well-written student reviews of exhibitions.

          Find full application and admission details on the Master of Fine Arts page.

          Admission to the MFA program guarantees a graduate assistantship .

          For full details, see the Masters of Fine Arts page.