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          Dr. Terry McKelvey 
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          Franz Spohn
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          Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking

          Master the Art of

          Edinboro University’s MFA in Printmaking is designed to develop the student’s level of professionalism, knowledge and expertise in the field of printmaking, while building a strong body of work relevant to the student’s personal style and career path. Graduate students are encouraged to set goals for growth and clearly express ideas and theories relevant to their work and the work of others.

          Our relief/screen-printing/intaglio studio consists of a 1,165-square-foot space with three intaglio presses (up to 42" x 72") and one hydraulic relief press. Our lithography studio is 1,105-square-feet with three lithography presses (up to 30" x 50"). Both the graduate studio and the photo exposing room are 360-square-feet. All work areas are well ventilated and equipped for safer methods of printmaking. Graduate students work in screen-printing, lithography, intaglio, relief and papermaking, while incorporating digital, photo and hand rendering processes. Graduate students also learn methods of production printing and publishing, giving them the skills required in these fine art fields.

          Visiting artists routinely lecture on our campus each semester. These lectures, slide presentations, critiques and demonstrations add variety and depth to our already comprehensive course offerings. Many visiting artists work directly with students. Each year interested students and the University organize several field trips to the nearby cultural centers of Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo, as well as Toronto, Chicago, Washington DC and New York City. In addition, some funding for graduate student travel to view art work, install shows and participate in conferences is available through the Graduate Professional Development program.

          Find full application and admission details on the Master of Fine Arts page.

          Admission to the MFA program guarantees a graduate assistantship .

          For full details, see the Masters of Fine Arts page.