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          Student-Mentee Resources

          This page is a resource for students who are interested in being mentored by business professionals as part of the Department of Business and Economics’ Student Mentoring Program.

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          Eligibility for the Program

          The requirements to participate in the Student Mentoring Program are as follows:

          You must be a junior or senior in the Business and Economics Department at Edinboro University majoring in either the BS Business Administration or BS Economics program. The BS Business Administration program includes the concentrations in Accounting, Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination, Comprehensive Business Administration, Financial Services, Management Information Systems and Marketing.

          Your minimum overall GPA should be a 2.40 and your major GPA a 2.60. Students who do not meet this requirement but who wish to participate in this program may request an exemption by letter to the Dean of the School of Business, accompanied by a letter of recommendation to participate in the program from a faculty member of the Business & Economics Department.

          You must complete the online Student Application Form and sign a Student Commitment Form. The full application process is described at the bottom of this page.

          Roles and Responsibilities of the Student

          • Make contact with the business mentor for scheduling interactions. You should seek assistance from the Office of the Dean of the School of Business if you encounter problems making contact with your mentor.
          • Respond to invitations from the business mentor and devote time to learn about the mentor’s profession.
          • Attend networking and other events arranged by the business mentor to the degree possible.
          • Provide feedback to the Department regarding experiences as a student mentee and areas for improving the mentoring program.

          Conversation Starters with your Mentor

          Below are some ideas for conversation topics with your business mentor.

          Topics related to your mentor’s background:

          • Length of time in current position/organization
          • Major job responsibilities
          • Past career path and how he/she got to their current position
          • Types of courses and professional development that best prepared the mentor for his/her career
          • What the mentor likes best and least about the profession

          Topics about the profession:

          • Challenges in the profession or recurring problems within the occupation
          • Description of a typical work day
          • Employment trends
          • Licenses, certifications and degrees required in the business area
          • Professional associations, networks and online resources that the mentor would recommend
          • Rewards of the profession
          • Technological changes that have affected the job

          Some Tips for Student Mentees

          • Ask for job search advice and tips that the mentor can provide.
          • Ask for referrals to other contact persons to help build your professional network.
          • Be appreciative of your mentor’s time, information and the sharing of opportunities with you.
          • Be punctual and prepared for all mentor meetings and conversations.
          • Consider asking your mentor to serve as a reference for you, if appropriate.
          • Consider semester breaks, reading days, spring break, etc. as opportunities to visit with your mentor.
          • Develop a communication strategy with your mentor.
          • Dress appropriately for all meetings with your mentor.
          • Initiate meeting with your mentor at least once a month.
          • Invest time in learning about the mentor’s organization and his/her professional roles and responsibilities.
          • Invite your mentor to a campus event or activity or meet at your mentor’s job site.
          • Obtain advice about your job search or career path.
          • Obtain résumé advice.
          • Respect any commitments made to the mentor and the basic privacy and confidentiality inherent in the communication that occurs within the relationship.
          • Share your background and goals with your mentor.
          • Write a thank you note for special initiatives presented by the mentor and at the conclusion of your “official” mentoring period.

          Student Application Process

          Applications for mentorship are accepted throughout the year but must be received by July 31, 2016, in order to be fully considered for mentor assignment during the following academic year.

          Students must complete the online Student Application Form. The application will be reviewed to determine that eligibility requirements have been met and that a suitable mentor is available for the mentoring period. Please note that the application requires you to compose a brief essay explaining what you wish to gain from the mentoring program (250 word maximum).

          Students must also complete and sign a Student Commitment Form at the beginning of the mentoring process to demonstrate that they understand the time and attention needed to have a successful experience in the mentoring program. This form is available online for review and should be considered prior to submitting an application. The form is to be signed in the fall semester, prior to the initial meeting with the mentor, to indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Program.

          Mentor-student matches will be announced in August for that academic year (September – May). There is no guarantee that a student will be assigned to a mentor in a given year. Participation will depend on the quality of the application and availability of an appropriate mentor.

          For additional information or inquiries, please contact the Office of the Dean, School of Business, at (814) 732-2460, or