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Steps to Apply for Undergraduate Studies


Edinboro University follows a rolling admissions policy, meaning decisions are reached on complete applications soon after all necessary materials are received by the university. Students will usually be informed of the admissions decision approximately two to three weeks after the Admissions Office receives the complete application and accompanying materials. High school students may apply any time after July 1st, following their junior year. Non-traditional, adult students are asked to submit a resume of employment history and activities since high school graduation, or last attendance at another college, university, trade school, etc. 

How do I apply for undergraduate studies? 

  1. Apply Online

    Submit your Admissions Application online.

    To complete this online application, type your answers in the corresponding fields or select your answers from the popup lists (where applicable).

    After you complete a screen, click the NEXT button at the bottom or on one of the sections listed on the left column to move to a different screen. Before you are allowed to jump screens, we will inspect your data on the current screen for errors or inconsistencies. If errors or omissions are found, you will be returned to the screen to correct your answer(s). Otherwise, your data will be saved and you will proceed to the requested screen.

    Once you have completed the application, click the SUBMIT button located on the left column to submit the application.

  2. Be sure SAT/ACT are sent (if required)

    Each applicant for admission should participate in either the SAT or the ACT. Students may request to have their SAT or ACT scores sent directly to Edinboro University. When registering for either exam, please use the following codes:

    Edinboro University's SAT code: 2651
    Edinboro University's ACT code: 3702

    Transfer students must meet the regular admissions requirements, including submitting satisfactory scores from the SAT or the ACT taken while still in high school, unless waived by the Admissions Office. Students who have completed one full semester at another college, prior to Edinboro, do not need to take the test.

  3. Send us your High School Transcripts

    An official high school transcript must be requested by you from your guidance counselor and forwarded directly from the high school to the Edinboro University Admissions Office. Students who received a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) must forward their score report and an official high school transcript, up to the point of withdrawal, to the Edinboro University Admissions Office.

    Edinboro University
    Undergraduate Admissions Office
    200 East Normal Street
    Edinboro, PA  16444

  4. Submit your Transfer Transcripts

    If transferring, students must have final transcripts, which include final grades for the most recent courses scheduled, sent to the Edinboro University Admissions Office. An evaluation of previously completed courses and credits will be conducted by Edinboro University to determine the number that will be transferable and counted toward graduation from Edinboro. Edinboro University will also verify prior enrollment history, through the National Student Clearinghouse, for all incoming students.

  5. Have you taken Advanced Placement (AP) Exams?

    Edinboro University awards college credit for some Advanced Placement (AP) Exams.