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Admission Requirements

Edinboro University grants admission on the basis of academic performance, character, interest, and motivation as determined by official scholastic records, aptitude tests, recommendations, and interviews.

General scholarship as evidenced by graduation from an approved high school, homeschool, or institution of equivalent grade or equivalent preparation as determined by the Credentials Division of the Department of Education. Each applicant must file an official transcript of high school achievement or equivalent preparation. To fully prepare for a University program of study and increase the probability for academic success, students should pursue a college preparatory curriculum at the secondary level.

Scholastic aptitude as evidenced by the score on the SAT, published by the College Entrance Examination Board or the American College Testing Program (ACT). Submission of aptitude scores can be waived in the case of the non-traditional, adult learner.

Satisfactory character, as well as proper interest and attitudes, as determined by the high school principal, guidance counselor, homeschool official, employer, or other official acquainted with the student and in a position to provide pertinent insights as to the candidate's ability to succeed on the college level.

The profile of the middle 50% of admitted students for Fall 2012 possess the following: GPA range 3.03-3.72; SAT score (Critical Reading and Math only) 870-1050; and ACT Composite score of 18-23.

For transfer students, generally a 2.00 GPA is required for admission into most programs, however, some programs such as Education, are competitive and may require a higher GPA.

A student may be admitted into a support program if their academic record falls below admissions standards. The Edinboro Success Program and College Start Porreco Program provides such opportunities for academic assistance.

An audition for all applicants to any music curriculum is required as part of the admission process, and is necessary prior to acceptance. The applicant will be invited to participate in the audition sometime after the application for admission has been received in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions from the student.

For admission to certain other specific curriculums, the University may require the candidate to take an appropriate test or audition, or supply further evidence of ability to succeed in the chosen academic area.

The Report of Medical History, required by the University, is sent to the student at the time of acceptance and must be returned prior to enrollment.

The University admits students to specific curricula. However, individuals should be aware that retention beyond the initial first year in many programs requires that certain minimum standards must be met. Details may be secured from the dean of the school to which the student has been accepted.