What makes Edinboro 
your University?

"Edinboro University is a great place for me because of all of the clubs and organizations. There is support everywhere you turn to help you become the best student possible."

Jeremy Long, Senior, Criminal Justice and Sociology

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First-Year Students

Jeremy Long

Jeremy Long, Senior, Criminal Justice and Sociology

Congratulations on considering Edinboro!

If you’re open to the possibility that you can achieve more than you can even imagine today, you’ve made an excellent choice. Edinboro students pursue academic success in an atmosphere that’s challenging, yet supportive.

Who is a first-year student?

  • A student who has earned a high school diploma or a GED.
  • A student who may have earned college credits prior to graduating from high school, regardless of the number of credits attempted.

First-year students most commonly enroll at Edinboro University in the summer or fall semester following their high school graduation. High school students may apply anytime after July 1st, following their junior year.

Please refer to the helpful links below to learn more about Edinboro University, understand the admissions process, and access important information and resources. To stay connected with the Edinboro Undergraduate Admissions Office, follow us on Twitter @BoroAdmissions!

Edinboro University Admissions Process