What made you choose Edinboro?

Aoi Fujikawa - "I heard that the art courses are really good, they say the teachers really teach here. Also, corresponding with Linda because she was quick and made me feel better."

Pengfei Jia - "My friend Bruce went here and liked it."

Goezde Tekin - "My swim coach was very helpful and the emails made me comfortable."

What is your impression of Edinboro?

Masayuki Habukawa - "It's very quiet here, I like it."

Sayaka Kashima - "I like that it is quiet and peaceful."

Goezde Tekin - "The Bridge program is good!"

Aoi Fujikawa - "I like that people do a lot for the international students. Also, that the University does so much to support handicap students too."

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International Students

international students
From left: Goezde Tekin (Germany), Aoi Fujikawa (Japan), Masayuki Habukawa (Japan), Pengfei Jia (China), Sayaka Kashima (Japan)


Come join our family!

We’ve been committed to internationalizing our campus for more than 45 years. The broadening cultural diversity of Edinboro’s university community – including students from 33 countries in the 2012-2013 academic year – brings this commitment to life.

Alumni around the globe are building important careers on the foundation of an Edinboro education.

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