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Academic Success Center Activity

  • For spring of 2013 the Academic Success Center witnessed a total of 2825 contacts. 307 (10.9%) of those contacts were by phone, 1,180 (41.8%) face to face, 1202 (42.5%) via email, 64 (2.3%) consultations with other professionals, and 72 (2.5%) other.
  • For Fall 2013 there were a total of 2,548 contacts, with 437 (17.2%) of those being phone contacts, 728 (28.6%) face to face contacts, 1007 (39.5%) email contacts, 73 (2.8%) consultations with other professionals, and 303 (11.9%) other.

The following data represents student feedback regarding the Academic Success Center’s workshops. Throughout the Fall 2012, Spring 2013, and Fall 2013 semesters, 263 students attended these workshops. Based on the evaluations, approximately 92% of the participants strongly agreed or somewhat agreed with the following statements:

  • The material was presented in an organized, easily understood manner
  • The activities in the workshop enhanced my understanding of the topic
  • The content of this workshop will benefit me as a college student
  • I will apply this information to my academic studies
  • The presenter was well prepared
  • The presenter was knowledgeable about the topic

Student feedback was used to improve existing workshops (such as Time Management, Note Taking Skills, etc.) and to develop two new workshops titled How to Use the Internet Effectively in the Academic Environment and Works Well With Others: Tackling Group Projects. The data listed HERE shows aggregate student responses for each semester.