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Why Edinboro, Why Now?


Here is what some of our students are saying about why these chose Edinboro and why now.

I moved to Northwestern Pennsylvania in 1983.  When I moved to this area, I made the decision to continue my college education by enrolling at Edinboro University to pursue a bachelor's degree.  (I had received an associate degree at another college prior to moving).

Up until I had my first child in 1989, I took one to two courses a semester; however, I had not met all the requirements to obtain a bachelor's degree.

In 1998, with two children now in elementary school, I once again took a college course in hopes of completing my degree.  With the demands of small children, a part-time job and lack of finances, I didn't return after taking the one course.

Fast forward 12 years (and those years did go by fast).  I had two children in college and was approaching my 50th birthday.  Dare I consider completing my bachelor's degree at 50?

With the help of the Adult Student Services Office and some wonderful people in the Records and Registration Office, in just three short semesters I will have earned my bachelor's degree.

So why Edinboro, why now?  Edinboro University offers a wonderful education at a very affordable cost.  What better way is there to show my children how important it is to have a college education and to encourage them to complete their college education right out of high school?  At 50-years-old I can say, “yes, I have accomplished one of my many goals.”

Wanda Polaski
Individualized Studies

I chose to attend Edinboro University because of a feeling of belongingness. I used to live in Edinboro when I was very young while my mother was attending the University.  I can recall how it felt on the campus.  I knew people loved Edinboro then, and I love Edinboro now! Everyone I spoke to about Edinboro expressed a great love for “their” university.

There are many universities between where I live and Edinboro, but I decided that Edinboro was the university for me! It wasn’t a hard decision to attend school at this point in my life because I have always wanted to finish the degree that I started long ago. I have had many setbacks, but I am finally able to complete my degree.  After graduation, I am looking at continuing on to graduate school!

Knowing all my setbacks, I am very proud of this accomplishment and can’t wait to hold my degree in my hand and say “Finally, Edinboro is my university too!”

Marcy Busch
Developmental Psychology
Minor: Biology

Life has been good to me!  I have a wonderful husband of 27 years and three great sons who are the apple of my eye.  I have a nice comfortable home with a Jack Russell named Libby and an endearing interracial named Lady.

So what could make me decide to return to school after 35 years? The reason is actually very simple.  I want to continue to grow and learn and be inspired.  I want to meet exciting people from all over the world and learn about their cultures and their dreams.  I want to challenge my own preconceived impressions and opinions.  I want to be told I am wrong some of the time because ignorance is not bliss.  I want to tax my brain into a comedic fog; chemistry has the ability to do this - a type of comedic relief. I want to push the limits of my own comfort zone.

I have already met such wonderful people that I otherwise would not have met. An education is the most priceless gift that we can give ourselves. It is much more precious than diamonds or a Maserati or an Android. It reveals a spectacular array of concepts and views larger than the universe. There is one thing I know for sure, and that is, that I never want to stop learning no matter how old and gray I get. As I write this, there is a big smile on my face because I am so grateful to have this opportunity of being a student at Edinboro University.

Lynnie M. Hunt