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B.A. Biology Degree


The Department of Biology and Health Services of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania offers a variety of degree programs.

Programs in traditional areas of biological science may lead to either a Bachelor of Arts in Biology for students in the arts and sciences curriculum or a Bachelor of Science in Biology. You will find outlined below the curriculum for a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.  (The Bachelor of Science degree meets pre­professional and graduate school requirements in biology and permits a more in-depth concentration in biology and other areas of natural science.)


I.  General Education Requirements            48 semester hours

II.  Required Biology Courses                        36 sem. hrs.
     BIOL103 Principles of Biology (4)
     BIOL230 Botany (4)
     BIOL240 Zoology (4) 
     BIOL300 Genetics (4)
     BIOL305 Cell and Molecular Biology (4)
     BIOL320 Plant Physiology (4) or BIOL340 Animal Physiology (4)
     BIOL500 Ecology (4)
     Biology Electives (8)

III.  Required Supporting Courses                 24 sem. hrs.
      CHEM140 General Chemistry (4)
      CHEM301 General Organic Chemistry (4)
      CHEM302 General Biochemistry (4)
      PHYS201 Physics I (4)
      PHYS202 Physics II (4)
      MATH107 Pre-Calculus Math (4)

IV.  Electives                                                           12 sem. hrs.

TOTAL                                                                     120 sem. hrs.

 microscopes and misc. biology