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B.S. Environmental Science (Biology) Degree


The B.S. in Environmental Science - Biology degree is intended for those students who wish to prepare for a career dealing with plants and animals and their interrelationships with their environment, and with pollution identification and control. Graduates may find employment with private consulting firms, industries and local, state and federal environmental agencies.

  environmental biology


I. General Education Requirements                           50 semester hours

II. Biology                                                                          41 sem. hrs.

     A.  Required Biology                                                  20 sem. hrs.
          BIOL 103 Principles of Biology (4)
          BIOL230  Botany (4)
          BIOL240 Zoology (4)
          BIOL300 Genetics (4)
          BIOL500 Ecology (4)

     B.  Biology Electives                                                  21 sem. hrs.
          Suggest: (1) organismal courses in zoology and botany, (2) field courses at Pymatuning Laboratory
          of Ecology
(Please see additional information below).

III. Related Requirements                                             29-30 sem. hrs.
     CHEM240 Principles of Chemistry I (4)
     CHEM241 Principles of Chemistry II (4)
     CHEM301 General Organic Chemistry (4)
     PHYS201 Physics I (4)
     PHYS202 Physics II (4)
     MATH211 Calculus I (4)
     MATH212 Calculus II (4) or MATH260 Elements of Statistics (3)
     CSCI117 Prog. in BASIC
     ENGL404 Technical Writing
     ECON100 Elements of Economics (3)
     GEOG145 Environmental Issues (3)
     GEOG245 Cons. Nat. Resource (3)
     GEOS375 Environmental Geology (3)

IV. Electives                                                        to total a minimum of 120 sem. hrs.


A cooperative summer program enables Edinboro University undergraduate and graduate students to take field-oriented course work at a well established biological field station. The Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology is a unit of the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh. The laboratory is located on the shores of Pymatuning Reservoir near the Pennsylvania-Ohio border at Linesville, Pennsylvania, approximately a 40-minute drive from the Edinboro campus. A program exists whereby students registered through Clarion University, Edinboro University and the University of Pittsburgh all may take classes at the Pymatuning Laboratory. Faculty from the cooperating institutions teach at the facility but students pay tuition and receive credit from their home institution.

Teaching and research facilities at the Pymatuning Laboratory are situated within a wildlife sanctuary and adjacent to the Linesville Fish Hatchery. Facilities include teaching and research laboratories, a library, dormitories, a dining hall, recreational facilities, as well as boats, vans and sophisticated research equipment.