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Employer Reimbursement

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Non-traditional students who are working and taking classes on a part-time basis may have employer-paid education benefits.  The purpose of the employer tuition reimbursement agreement is to allow employees who receive reimbursement to defer payment of their tuition and fees until 60 days from the end of the semester.  Edinboro University accepts employer benefit plans through arrangements with the Bursar's Office by completing the enclosed employer tuition reimbursement agreement.

  • If your employer is paying 100% of your tuition and fees, you may defer your balance until 60 days from the end of the semester by completing the employer tuition reimbursement agreement and paying a deposit of $125.00 for the term of registration.
  •   If your employer is only paying a portion of your charges, you may defer the employer portion by completing the employer tuition reimbursement agreement; any tuition and fees not covered by your employer as shown on the agreement is your responsibility for payment by the semester billing due date.

For further information regarding transactions affecting student accounts, please refer to Tuition, Fees and Refunds.

Amounts paid by the employer under a qualified Educational Assistance plan are not eligible to be claimed by the individual (employee/student) in order to qualify for educational credits (Hope Credit, Lifetime Learning Credit, and the Tuition and Fees Deduction). Please refer to guidance in IRS Publication 970 - "Tax Benefits for Education".

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