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Comprehensive Business Administration


Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs

Department of Business & Economics



Comprehensive Business Administration

The Comprehensive Business Administration concentration is the most general of the concentration options and allows students to customize their business program to best meet their career goals.  Students are required to take at least one advanced course in the areas of economics, finance, management, and marketing and will work with their academic advisor to select other appropriate courses to meet their needs.




Any employee above the hourly employee is part of management.  From the CEO to the supervisors of hourly workers, all are managers.  Managers manage something: people, resources, processes.  The word manager all but requires an adjective to describe what is being managed:

Accounting Manager

Inventory Manager 

Quality Assurance Manager 

 Brand Manager

 Logistics Manager

 Service Manager

 Cash Manager

 Maintenance Manager

 Sports Team Manager

 Channel Manager

 Marketing Manager

 Store Manager

 Financial Manager

 Operations Manager

 Supply Chain Manager

 Human Resource Manager

 Production Manager

 Warehouse Manager


 Purchasing Manager




The study of management is the study of how to deploy resources so as to meet the company's or organization's objectives.  In short, the study of management is the study of how to use a firm's employees, equipment, production processes and capital to help the company grow and make a profit.  (Even government and not-for-profit organizations have to grow and earn money!)

In Edinboro University's Comprehensive Business Administration program, students tailor a course of study to prepare them to become a business resource manager.  Students delve into the anchor functions of business (operations, marketing, finance) to learn how an organization works and how it satisfies its customers and makes a profit.  They also study business law and information resources management, and practice the functionally integrated decision-making common in business today.

The flexibility of Edinboro's program allows the student to focus on the resource(s) and/or function(s) of his/her choice.

A broad choice of courses and a large number of electives allow the student to specialize in his/her chosen field, or to explore additional areas of business.  Free Electives can be used for internships, additional business and economics courses, and/or virtually any other course the university offers.

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The Curriculum Requirements Sheet and Recommended Course Sequence for the Comprehensive Business Administration concentration may be found here. 



The Comprehensive Business Administration program can be customized to the student's individual career interests. Examples of popular fields of study within this program can be found by clicking on the following pages:

International Business



Human Resource Management


Of course, these customized programs of study are in addition to the concentrations in Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Financial Services, Management Information Services, and Marketing, which also prepare students for management positions in those fields.


For more information, please contact Dr. Janis Stamm, Department Chairperson, at 814-732-2407 or at