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International Business


Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs

Department of Business & Economics


INternational Business

Business is international: global sourcing, trade agreements, emerging markets. Students planning careers in multi-national firms, expatriate positions, or import/export management can focus their course of study on the opportunities and challenges of international business within the structure of the Comprehensive Business Administration program.




To prepare for a career in international business, appropriate uppler-level business and economics courses include:

  • Comparative Management
  • International Economics
  • International Finance
  • International Marketing
  • Legal Environment of International Business

Students wishing to specialize in international business would follow the Comprehensive Business Administration concentration within teh BS Business Administration program.



The specialized international business courses provide the knowledge necessary for success in the global marketplace.  Yet the fundamental principles, the anchor functions, of business are universal.  Thus, students studying international business also take all the foundation courses in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, information resources management, business law, business ethics, quantitative analysis, and business decision making.

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Independent Study can be used to study regions and/or topics of interest, or to explore specific international business strategies.

Success in international business also requires language fluency and an understanding of world cultures, political systems and history. Students should use General Education and Free Elective credits to learn a second (or third) language and develop an international perspective. Scores of courses from departments throughout the university are available to help students accomplish this. Areas of study should include:

  • Cultural Geography

  • World & Regional Geography

  • Languages

  • World & Regional History

  • Comparative Government

  • Regional Governments & Politics

  • Cultural Anthropology

  • Intercultural Communications

A geographic region minor such as Latin American Studies or Africana Studies should be given serious consideration.

Students should exploit international travel opportunities such as the Study Abroad Program to experience other cultures and economies first-hand.  



Several members of the Business and Economics Department's faculty have hands-on experience in international business in virtually every region of the world. These faculty members will be pleased to discuss international business opportunities as well as the knowledge and skills necessary for success.


For more information, please contact Dr, Janis Stamm, Department Chairperson, at 814-732-2407 or at