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 Internships are an important educational opportunity for students.  They provide on-the-job learning, an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in the practitioner world, and a means to evaluate career options.  They also are a distinguishing résumé entry important to many employers.

Interns are an asset to the internship site.  They are enthusiastic workers, eager to learn and eager to contribute to the firm.  They can bring a fresh perspective to the workplace.  Because they are upper-level students (most are seniors, approaching graduation) with above-average grades, they are knowledgeable in their area of concentration and aware of both established and newer practices in their field.

Successful internships depend on both the intern and the internship site.  Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and the Business & Economics Department recognize the commitment internship sites make in accepting an intern and appreciate the contribution they make to the career preparation of our students.

 Who can be an intern?

Not every student can be an intern.  To qualify for an internship, a student must have earned a minimum of 60 credits (junior status) including at least 9 credits of upper-level courses in their major.   The student must have a grade point average of at least 2.6 in his/her major and 2.4 overall.  Students who are interested in securing an internship meet with the Department Faculty Internship Director and are assigned a faculty member in their area of interest (e.g., accounting, financial services, marketing, management information systems, international business, human resources management) to work with them in securing an internship and who will be the Faculty Internship Supervisor for the internship.  Once the student has secured an internship, he/she submits an application for an internship which must be approved by the Department and by the Dean of the School of Science, Management and Technology.

When will the intern work?

Internships can be full-time or part-time, and can take place during an academic semester, in the summer or even over a break (e.g., semester break).  Their start- and end-dates need not conform to semester dates.  The intern's work schedule, be it full-time or part-time, is arranged between the internship site and the intern.

Are interns paid?

Some internships are paid, others are not.  The decision to pay an intern and the rate of pay are up to the internship site.  Not surprisingly, students prefer paid internships. 

How do I get an intern?

The Business & Economics Department maintains a file of available internships for qualified students to review.  To initiate the search for an intern, the internship site needs to provide the Department with a description of the work the intern will perform.  This need not be so formal as a job description; a bulleted description of duties and projects will suffice.  Any specific skills needed (e.g., proficiency in Peachtree accounting software) should be specified.  The internship site also needs to identify the person who will be supervising the work of the intern.  This person, obviously, needs to be experienced in the area of the internship.  (While this may seem obvious, we often receive inquiries about securing an intern to function as the sole person in an area.  Some organizations with no marketing function, for example, would like an intern to fill this function.  As an internship is an educational experience, there must be someone on-site from whom the intern can learn, who can provide guidance to the intern and who can evaluate the intern's work.)  Preferences for a full-time or part-time intern, whether the internship is paid (and, if so, at what rate) and contact information should be included as well.  The description of the internship opportunity should be sent to the Department Faculty Internship Director.

Interested students will contact the internship site and arrange for an interview.  Selection of an intern is at the discretion of the internship site.

What are my responsibilities once I have selected an intern?

The internship site provides an on-site supervisor for the intern.  This Site Supervisor is expected to perform those duties normally associated with worker supervision: direction on duties and projects, and evaluation of the work performed.  The Faculty Internship Supervisor will meet with the Site Supervisor to ascertain how the intern is doing and address any areas of concern.  The Faculty Internship Supervisor typically also will ask the Site Supervisor's impression of the preparation of the intern for the practitioner world and will solicit suggestions for how our academic program could be improved to better prepare our students for the practitioner world.  At the end of the internship, the Site Supervisor is expected to complete a short evaluation of the intern's performance.

What are the intern's responsibilities?

As stated above, the internship candidate is expected to contact the firm offering the internship and arrange for an interview.  If the internship site requests it, the student should provide a résumé.  Once the intern candidate has been selected for an internship, the intern is expected to arrange the start- and end-dates of the internship, and the hours that will be worked.

Once the internship has started, the intern is expected to work the arranged hours and to inform the Site Supervisor if he/she is ill or has any other emergency that interferes with his/her arranged work times.  The intern will perform the duties assigned, seeking direction and guidance from the Site Supervisor.

The intern will keep a journal of the work performed on the internship and submit it to the Faculty Internship Supervisor.  Arrangements for this journal are made between the intern and the Faculty Internship Supervisor.

As part of the internship requirements, the intern must submit an internship project or research paper to the Faculty Internship Supervisor for evaluation and inclusion in grading the internship.  (Yes, internships earn credits and are assigned a grade by the Faculty Internship Supervisor.)   If the intern wants to use a project done on the internship, he/she must have the permission of the internship site to show the project to the Faculty Internship Supervisor.  This, of course, is done to protect the firm's proprietary information.  If a research paper is elected instead, the arrangements for its topic and other requirements are made between the intern and the Faculty Internship Supervisor.

The intern is expected to contact the Faculty Internship Supervisor should any problems arise.  Interns also frequently interact with the Faculty Internship Supervisor to discuss assigned work and projects, often seeking suggestions to maximize his/her performance.

What interaction will there be with the Business & Economics Department?

If this is the first time the firm has had an intern from Edinboro University, the Faculty Internship Supervisor may visit the internship site to discuss the internship opportunity.

During the internship, the Faculty Internship Supervisor will make one or more site visits.  (The number of site visits depends on the number of credits the intern will earn on the internship.)  During these visits, the Faculty Internship Supervisor will meet with the intern.  Typically, the intern will show the Faculty Internship Supervisor what he/she has been working on and discuss the experience he/she is having along with any areas of concern.  The Faculty Internship Supervisor also will meet with the Site Supervisor on these visits (the presence of the intern during this meeting is at the discretion of the Site Supervisor) to discuss the intern's performance and areas of concern.

The Site Supervisor should feel free to contact the Faculty Internship Supervisor at anytime during the internship.  The Faculty Internship Supervisor's phone number and e-mail address will be provided to the Site Supervisor.


For further information, please contact Dr. Michael Engdahl, the Assistant Department Chairperson and Department Faculty Internship Director, at 814-732-2407 or at