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Internship Policy & Procedures


Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs

Department of Business & Economics







department internship policy & procedures







I.        Student Eligibility.  In order to be considered for an internship, the student must meet the following requirements:

 1.       Completion of a minimum of 60 semester hours with at least 15 of these hours having been completed at Edinboro University and including a minimum of 9 credit hours in upper-level (300 or above) courses in Section III (Section II.B in Economics) of the student's Curriculum Requirements prior to the semester in which the internship will be taken.

 2.       A major in the Department of Business and Economics.

 3.       A minimum overall QPA of 2.4 and a QPA of 2.6 in the major.

 4.     Completion of the university internship application form.

 II.      General Internship Policies

1.       As required by university internship policy, new internship sites are to be visited by the Department Faculty Internship Director or the faculty member supervising the internship prior to submitting the internship for approval.  Sites where interns have been placed in the immediate past 5 years need not be visited prior to approving placement of an intern. 

2.       All internships, regardless of origin, must be approved by all the signatories to the university's internship application (i.e., the Dean of the School of Science, Management & Technology; the Department Chairperson; the Department Faculty Internship Director, the faculty member supervising the internship and the student's Academic Advisor) prior to the student's registration for the internship.

3.       The approval of an internship is a continuing process.  Approval may be withdrawn during an internship in the best interest of the student for concerns of safety, legality or educational validity.

4.       Internships earn variable academic credit; a minimum of 37.5 clock hours of service per semester permits the student to earn 1 (one) semester hour of academic credit (travel time to and from the site is not to be counted in this total).  Thus, if the student works a minimum of 37.5 clock hours per week for 15 weeks, he or she will receive 15 semester hours of academic credit.  Other credit amounts can be arranged on a prorated basis.

5.       A maximum of 15 semester hours of  internship academic credit may be earned by the student.  There is, however, no mandate that all 15 hours be earned in a single internship.  A student electing to do multiple internships must meet the internship requirements and complete the internship application process for each internship.  The aggregate number of semester hours earned in internships cannot exceed 15.

6.       Academic credit earned as a result of internship credit is to be categorized under open electives in the student's academic program.

7.       Student compensation is to be decided between the intern and the relevant agency.

8.       The department will provide intern/internship evaluation forms to be used by the agency and by the intern.  The student is to give the appropriate form to his/her supervisor in the agency.

 III.   Evaluation and Grading

1.       The supervising faculty member is responsible for the evaluation of the intern and internship experience.  All internships receive a letter grade in accordance with the university's grading policy.

2.       The evaluation will have the following components:

a.       A detailed journal, accounting for the intern's day-to-day activities.

b.       An evaluation by the host agency.  (The department provides a form to be used.  Failure by the agency to complete the form will not have a negative impact on the faculty member's  evaluation of the intern.)

c.        An evaluation of the internship by the intern him/herself.  (The department provides a form to be used.)

d.       A research paper or internship project.

e.        Visitation or visitations by the supervising faculty member as provided in the University Policy.

f.        A written evaluation by the supervising faculty member of the educational validity and program relevance of the internship.  This evaluation is to be given to the Department Faculty Internship Director and the Department Chairperson, and is to be used as input to determining the placement of future interns at this agency.  This evaluation component is not included in determining the student's internship grade.

3.       The intention of the department is that the supervising faculty member should perform the evaluation; nothing, however, in this policy should be construed as preventing the use of outside readers when and if the supervising faculty thinks it desirable.

 IV.    Procedures for student initiated internships.  In the case that a student wishes to propose an internship, the following procedures should be followed:

1.       The student should ascertain whether or not he or she is eligible for an internship in accordance with the requirements set by the department (see I A through C above).   Only if eligible can these procedures be followed.

2.       The student will be assigned a faculty member to supervise the internship by the Department Faculty Internship Director.  The student will be given a copy of the Department's Internship Site Information document to give to the proposed agency.

3.       The student will present a proposal for the internship to the Department Faculty Internship Director.  It is assumed that the agency with which the internship will be served will have been aware of and actively involved with the creation of the proposal.

4.       The proposal should include the following:

a.       The name, address, and telephone number of the agency where the internship will be located.

b.       A position description and statement regarding the activities in which the student will be engaged.

c.        The name and title of the employee who will supervise the intern.

d.       An acknowledgement by the appropriate agency official that he or she has read the proposal and the department's internship site information,  and is in agreement with their provision.

5.       This proposal must be approved by the Department Faculty Internship Director and the faculty member supervising the internship.  It is anticipated that there may be instances in which changes in the proposal may be required before approval is granted.

6.       The proposal must be approved in a timely fashion, so that the student can register for the internship during the regular registration period.

7.       The approved proposal then is attached to a complete internship application and submitted for approval in accordance with General Internship Policies (II above).

 V.      Procedures for agency and departmental initiated internships.  It is anticipated that some internship opportunities will result from agency initiatives and/or action by the department to establish internships with selected agencies.  In these cases it is assumed that the internship meets with both departmental and agency approval.

1.       The department will provide students with information about the internship and, when possible, a deadline for application for it.

2.       If requested by the agency, the Department Faculty Internship Director will screen and select interested students for the internship.  Where appropriate, prior to screening and selecting internship candidates, the Department Faculty Internship Director may designate the faculty member to supervise such an internship and that faculty member would then participate in the screening and selection.  A final selection may be performed by representatives of the agency, depending on the arrangements agreed to by the agency and the department.

3.       In those cases where the department does not screen internship candidates, the selection will be done by the agency.