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AS Business Administration

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs 

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AS Business Administration

The two-year degree in Business Administration is a foundation - for a career and for further education. Graduates find employment in a variety of professional business careers across a broad spectrum of industries such as insurance, real estate, wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing, health care, business services, social services, transportation and government. Graduates also are prepared to continue their education if they desire, as the Associate Degree can be structured so that all courses also apply to the BS in Business Administration degree.

This program provides students with a fundamental background in the areas of accounting, business law, economics, management, and marketing. The role of business in the broader society and applied business ethics are also integral to the program. This knowledge is supplemented with skill development in basic statistics and applied business English in order to provide graduates with enhanced strenth in the communication and quantitative areas. This background also prepares students to continue their business education at the baccalaureate level.

Beyond these fundamentals, students choose one of three elective courses to further develop their knowledge and skill in a particular field of interest:

  • CSCI204: Essentials of Computing II. This elective option is appropriate for students wishing to expand their skills in the area of applied computing especially in the areas of database management and electronic publishing.
  • ECON301: Personal Economics. The elective is appropriate for students wishing to expand their personal financial literacy in areas such as budgeting, personal financial planning, and retirement planning.
  • ECON345: Money & Banking. This elective is appropriate for students planning a career in the financial sector (e.g., banking) or planning to progress to a baccalaureate program in the future.

Upon completion of the program, students would successfully meet the Program Learning Objectives, gaining a solid understanding of basic business theory and practice in preparation for professional success.

Click here for the program Curriculum Requirements Sheet and Recommended Course Sequence.

For students wishing to continue to the BS Business Administration degree, MGMT300 (Principles of Management) and MKTG300 (Principles of Marketing) may be substituted for MGMT260 (Fundamentals of Management and Marketing). The MGMT300 and MKTG300 courses directly apply to the BS Business Administration program and can be used to also meet the MGMT260 requirement for the AS Business Administration program. Students planning to progress to the BS Business Administration program should also take ECON345 (described above) as their program elective since this course can be used to meet an upper-level course requirement in the BS Business Administration program. If you have any questions regarding this educational path, please consult with your academic advisor or the department chairperson.

For more information, please contact Dr. Timothy Few, Department Chairperson at 814-732-1319 or