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BS Business Administration

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs  

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The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program provides students with a strong core of knowledge in all functional areas of business, built on a foundation of economic understanding.  Students will develop competency in the functional areas of accounting, business law, economics, management, and marketing in support of the program's learning goals.  Beyond the foundation knowledge, students also have the opportunity to take advanced coursework in a business specialty area or to customize their program to meet their own career goals.





1. Analytical and Collaborative Problem-Solving Skills. Each student can determine and apply appropriate quantitative and analytical skills to solve practical business problems. Each student can function effectively as a team member for collaborative business decision-making.

2. Discipline Competence. Each student can demonstrate competence in the application of economic, financial, managerial, and marketing knowledge in the analysis of business problems in a global business environment.

3. Communication Skills. Each student can effectively communicate a complicated business issue in both written and oral form using appropriate presentation technology.

 4. Competence in the Application of Technology. Each student can demonstrate knowledge of information technology and competence in technology applications for making business decisions.

5. Ethical Decision-making. Each student can identify and evaluate ethical dilemmas and corporate responsibility in business situations and effectively communicate defensible solutions.

Detailed Learning Goals & Objectives for the BS Business Administration Program




All students take business foundation courses to learn the fundamentals of business practices in:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Information Resources Management
  • Business Law
  • Business Ethics
  • Quantitative Analysis


Beyond these fundamentals, students' required and elective upper-level business courses depend upon their concentration. 

The Accounting Concentration prepares students to work in public accounting, managerial accounting (private business) and institutional (government and not-for-profit) accounting.  Students in the Accounting Concentration may elect to take specified courses from the Criminal Justice program to earn a focus in Forensic Accounting.  Forensic Accountants often work for law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and for public accounting firms.

The Comprehensive Business Administration Concentration is a highly flexible program, allowing students to tailor a course of study to prepare them for careers in any area of business including human resources, corporate finance, logistics, production, and international business; it also is the program for those who want to be entrepreneurs.

The Financial Services Concentration prepares students to work with individuals needing savings, investment, retirement and estate planning, and with organizations needing financial management and benefits program planning.

The Management Information Systems Concentration prepares students for positions in information management including computer system specialist, systems analyst, programmer analyst and data base analyst. 

The Marketing Concentration prepares students for positions in consumer and business marketing including product/brand/market management, new product planning, integrated marketing communications, advertising, sales, retailing, wholesaling and international marketing.

Graduates also are prepared for graduate school in business administration, accounting, finance, marketing, international business, information technology, economics and law.



Business is one of the more common and often recommended undergraduate degrees to pursue in preparation for law school.  The Association of American Law Schools recommends certain areas of study be included in a pre-law student's curriculum.  Business Administration majors can take these courses within their General Education coursework and/or as electives.  The University's Pre-Law Advisor helps students interested in a law career plan a course of study.


For more information, please contact Dr. Timothy Few, Department Chairperson, at 814-732-1319 or at