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CAPS History and Mission


                        In the early 1980s, retrenchment of faculty due to dire financial circumstances left the university community without a counseling center.  Subsequently, one or two counseling faculty were given one-quarter to one-half time alternate assignment each semester to provide assistance to students referred by faculty and staff.  Occasionally students would learn of counselor availability by word of mouth and seek out this service.  This practice continued until 1988.

                        In addition, in August of 1981 the Saint Vincent Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) established a satellite office on-campus in Conneautee House, a small university building in the area of Reeder Hall.  Students could seek mental health services from the CMHC at little or no charge.  However, fees were likely to be assessed for services related to alcohol use and abuse problems.  When Conneautee House was demolished a few years later, the CMHC relocated off-campus, but within walking distance.  The CMHC satellite center withdrew from the community in 1988.  Following announcement of this intent, a decision was made to reestablish a counseling center on campus.

                        Originally named the Office of Mental Health and Psychological Services, the center was established in August, 1988 and located in suite 135 in McNerney Hall.  During the first year considerable renovation and decoration occurred to create an accessible and suitable environment to provide student counseling services.  Approval to rename the center to the Counseling and Personal Development Center was received in July, 1989.

                        During the fall semester of 1999, a decision was made to relocate the center to the Ghering Health Center building. Remodeling plans for the facility were developed early in the next year. Building renovations were substantially completed during the summer of 2000. The center relocated in October, 2000.  Approval to change the center’s name to its current designation, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), was received in November of 2000. The building was renamed the Ghering Health and Wellness Center (GHWC) during a ceremony on September 7, 2001. CAPS provided services in “Ghering”, as it was known to students, for over ten years.

                        At the beginning of 2009, a decision was made to raze the GHWC, which was built in the 1960s, in conjunction with construction project for the new Highlands residence halls (buildings 7 & 8). After consideration of a number of relocation alternatives, a plan to renovate the first floor of McNerney Hall was developed to house the occupants of GHWC. Renovations begun in 2010 were substantially completed in March, 2011 when CAPS moved its offices into the Ghering Health and Wellness Center at McNerney Hall during the spring break.

                        Currently the Ghering Health and Wellness Center and the CAPS offices offer a pleasant, attractive setting to students who request services. 

               Updated January, 2012.   


CAPS' Mission

                             Counseling and Psychological Services plays a unique and integral role in implementing the mission of Edinboro University and the Student Affairs Division.  It is our belief that the primary academic mission is most fully served through the development of the whole person.  In this capacity, the center acts to facilitate intellectual and personal growth and development through the services it offers.

                             Counseling and Psychological Services is committed to the enhancement of the human potential of all students by helping them to address and resolve concerns that may interfere with their academic progress, psychological health, personal effectiveness and satisfaction with student life.  Through the provision of high quality psychological services and educational programs that apply knowledge and principles derived from the social and behavioral sciences, the center assists all students to obtain the most benefit from their educational experiences.

CAPS' Vision

                             Students experience educational, social, psychological, and personal growth and development in a diverse and complex world. Our consistently excellent services and opportunities enhance the human potential of our students.