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Cover Letter Format

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Dear Mr. or Ms. ______________________:

FIRST PARAGRAPH.  In this paragraph, state the reason for the letter.  Specify the position or type of work for which you are applying.  Indicate the resource(s) from which you learned of the opening or the company in general (job center, advertisement, personal contact, career services).

SECOND PARAGRAPH.  In this paragraph, indicate why you are interested in the position, the company, and their services or product(s).  Discuss what you can do for the employer.  If you are a recent college graduate, explain how your academic background makes you a qualified candidate for the position.  If you have work related experiences, point out your achievements or unique qualifications.  You may wish to highlight items from your resume.

THIRD PARAGRAPH.  Refer the reader to the enclosed resume which will summarize your qualifications, training, and experiences.  Make the reader aware that additional information (e.g. reference letters) can be provided by you upon request.

FOURTH PARAGRAPH.  In the last paragraph, indicate your desire for a personal interview and your flexibility as to the time and place.  Offer any assistance to help in a speedy response.  You may want to repeat your phone number again or add an additional number as to where you can be reached or where a message can be left.  Close your letter with a statement which will encourage a response (e.g., I will call on this date to confirm that you that you have received my resume/application; will your company be recruiting in this area?; or will the company need any additional information?)


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