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Illegal Interview Questions

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It is illegal for an interviewer to ask questions regarding an applicant's age, weight, religion, political views, ethnicity, sexual preference, financial status, or marital status.  They are also not supposed to ask if you have kids, drink liquor, vote, or do chairty work.

Example Illegal Questions:

Are you married?

Do you have a girlfriend (or boyfriend)?

Is it important to you to take off the Jewish holidays?

What's your opinion about gay marriage?

Are you a Republican or a Democrat, and why?

Do you have kids?

Who takes care of the kids during the day?

How do you feel about people from minority groups?

What is your feeling about homosexuals in business?

Do you intend to send your kids to private school?

Does your spouse work?  What does he do?

How old are you?

Remember...if you have to ask if they're allowed to ask, they probably aren't!