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A resume can be compared to a sales brochure. Sales brochures are designed to sell a product or service. Your resume is also designed to sell something - YOU!  Therefore, like any good sales brochure, your resume must be persuasive. It must capture the reader's interest in YOU, and generate a positive response.

Everyone needs a resume, regardless of employment preferences. A resume can be used to open the door to an interview. Once you do get an interview, your resume will tell the employer some facts not found on the application. Remember, a resume gives the impression that you are a professional.

Your resume represents a history - the history of your personal, educational and vocational credentials and experience that qualify you for a particular job. As such, the development of your resume cannot wait until the day before you begin looking for a job. The process really begins when you decide on a career. Once you've established what job you'll seek, you must decide what educational credentials, skills, abilities, and work experience you'll need to qualify for your job. Resume writing, then, involves much more than just sitting down at a word processor. It is the end product of extensive advance planning and preparation.

Stop by the Center for Career Development in 211 Frank G. Pogue Student Center today, or call (814) 732-2781 for specific resume sample packets related to your major!!

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