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The Department of Communication and Media Studies offers two undergraduate degrees (Journalism/Mass Communication and Communication Studies) and a graduate degree (Communication Studies).

The undergraduate Journalism and Mass Communication program offers three areas of specialization: Broadcast, Print and Public Relations. The undergraduate Communication Studies program offers optional concentrations in Advertising and Sales, Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, Media Management and Criticism, and Political Communication and Public Advocacy. The primary focus of the graduate program (MACS) is on organizational/professional communication strategies and practice, although students can develop a focus on communication theory and research through their electives and thus prepare for further graduate study.

This diversity within and among the various degree areas is a significant consideration in the development of goals and objectives within and for the department. We have tried to recognize both the distinctions and connections that exist as we engage in the department-wide and department-based process. As a result of the complexity of this process, we have chosen to use this document to present the goals and objectives that are departmentally grounded while still recognizing particular program-related issues. The specifics of this process are, in some respects, common to all programs and, in other respects, unique to individual programs and/or groupings.