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2013-2014 MACS Graduates

  • Amber Alsop
  • Joseph Cephas
  • Ronald Coleman
  • Marvin DeBose
  • Scott Eddy
  • Jeffrey Hayden
  • Daniel Hooven
  • Dina Jabra
  • Nikki Keller
  • Marquelle Knight
  • Christopher Lantinen
  • Laurie Lawrence
  • Brett Luther
  • Brenda McMurray
  • Christopher Minns
  • Tamara Minns
  • Mansur Mohamed-Ali
  • Tiffany Petricini
  • Pablo Reyes-Cruz
  • Maureen Rizzo
  • Renee Spence
  • Rebecca Urey
  • Nichole Wertz
  • Miaomiao Yi

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Master of Arts in Communication Studies

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Welcome to the Master of Arts in Communication Studies (MACS) website.  

For over twenty years, the MACS program has been providing high quality graduate education in managerial and leadership communication, integrated marketing communication, intercultural and international relations, political communication, and conflict management, mediation and resolution.  

Graduates of the program work in non-profit and social service organizations, governmental and educational institutions, businesses and corporations, political and international agencies. Some graduates continue their education in prestigious doctoral programs at research institutions nationally and internationally.  

MACS students take courses on campus in the evenings, and online through the web based version of the program.  Most students enroll in both on campus and online courses.  The brochure for the web-based program can be downloaded here.  See the newsletter link below for recent program developments, faculty and alumni updates, and student accomplishments.  

MACS Graduate Lands NBC Promotion 

Edinboro University alum Sarah Glover has been promoted to Social Media Editor for NBC owned stations.

Previously the Social Media Editor at NBC10 Philadelphia, Glover’s new responsibilities will include working with the group’s 11 local NBC stations and regional news network, NECN, to further build and engage their already robust social media audiences.

“Sarah is smart, collaborative and understands firsthand the daily needs of our stations’ digital teams,” said Josh Kleinbaum, Executive Editor of Digital Media, NBC Owned Television Stations. “As audiences increasingly turn to social media for their local news and information, Sarah will play an integral role in ensuring we have the right strategies in place to engage our communities and distribute our content across the various social platforms.”

Glover’s experience shows that she has the capabilities to build community and further extend the station’s brand in the marketplace immensely through social media for NBC Philadelphia/ WCAU. For the last two years, her responsibilities included managing NBC10’s social portals and mobile apps as well as shooting video, writing stories, live tweeting breaking news and managing the station’s website.

Glover graduated from the MACS program in December of 2011 after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism and African American Studies from Syracuse University. 

MACS Newsletter 2014 

MACS Wins 2013 College Bowl 

       The 7th Annual College Bowl caused a great deal of excitement as November 12th came closer.  As the undergraduate and graduate teams from each department buckled down on their preparation for the contest, one team in particular had become determined to win. 

       The Master of Arts in Communication Studies team had fallen short of winning the championship for the last three years to the Master of Social Sciences team. 

       The MACS team, known as the McPherson Clan, consisted of captain, Chris Lantinen, John Rimer, Jeff Hayden, Mansur Mohamed-Ali and Kristen Thomas.   Lantinen was quoted saying, “We continually fought back, despite falling down a few times in those final games, which made for a really exciting contest.  And more importantly, we avenged a loss we suffered to Social Sciences the year before.  I was very proud of both the team and effort.”  MACS pulled through two consecutive come-from-behind victories to defeat MASS.

74th Annual Pennsylvania Communication Association convention



       The 74th Annual Pennsylvania Communication Association convention was held as Gannon University in October of 2013.  MACS was widely represented by professors and students who presented at the conference. 

       MACS students Brett Luther, Mansur Mohammed-Ali, Daniel Hooven, Michelle Mitchell, Pablo Reyes-Cruz, and MACS alum Tamara Minns presented at the conference. 

       Together, Luther, Minns, Mitchell and Reyes-Cruz spoke about Overcoming Illness: Support Systems and Moving Forward.  Mohammed-Ali presented on the topic of Adapting to a new culture and feeling socially alienated: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of cross-cultural encounters. And he also spoke about Mahmud Muhammad Taha: The Legacy of Muslim Modernist Rhetoric.  Daniel Hooven presented on SOCIAL TELEVISION: The Second Screen Currency.

 Faculty Updates

         Dr. Melissa Gibson is co-directing a large, multi-level health communication research project with Dr. Kahan Sablo, Vice-President for Student Affairs. The research project, involving faculty, staff and students, as well as community partner Boro Women's Services, explores unexpected pregnancies among college students and the challenges those students face in completing their education. The research is expected to result in grant applications, publications, and campus policy changes.

      Dr. Tony Peyronel recently served on the committee for Melisa K. Zimmerman’s doctoral dissertation at Capella University. Dr. Zimmerman, a faculty member in Edinboro’s Department of Economics and Business, examined “Social Networking Privacy Control: Exploring University Variables Related to Young Adults ‘Sharing of Personally Identifiable Information.”

       Dr. Tim Thompson has a paper accepted for presentation at the Fourteenth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations, to be held August 4-5, 2014 at the University of Oxford, England.  The paper with second author Pat Govang, entitled, "Organizational Mindfulness in the Evolving Professional Disc Golf Association," is based on a consultancy with that organization. Dr. Thompson is leading his seventh class on the Study Abroad in Scotland this summer, and he remains the founding director of the Edinboro Highland Games, going into its 21st year, scheduled for September 5th and 6th this year.

Alumni Highlights


Gregory Harris

       Gregory Harris graduated from Edinboro University with his Bachelor of Science in health and physical education.  Working as an Admissions Counselor and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment from 2007-2010, he was promoted to Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment here at Edinboro University and continued on for this Master of Arts in Communication Studies.       

       In August of 2013, Harris became the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Case Western Reserve University.  At CWRU, he stands as the point of contact for all 1,000 upper-class students and their advisors and instructors.  By working with these students, he strives to support and assist with the academic success and personal welfare of these students in hopes of enhancing their success at Case Western Reserve University. 

       When thinking back on his MACS career, Harris said, “The MACS program afforded me the opportunity to expand my comprehension and application of communication theory and ethics, organizational communication and conflict management. The instruction and coursework provided me with applicable knowledge and skills that has aided m academic, professional, and intellectual development and advancement.”

 Penni Schaefer

       Graduating Summa Cum Laude and as part of the Dr. Robert C. Weber University Honors Program at Edinboro University with a bachelor of arts in Spanish and two minors in communications and journalism,  Penni Sue Schaefer joined the MACS program the following term.  

       Along with the certificate in Conflict Management, she went on to pursue her career in journalism and customer service after graduating.  She is currently working out of Orwell, Ohio at Welded Tubes Inc., which is a certified fabricator of high quality carbon steel and stainless steel tubing.  Schaefer is responsible for managing the customer service needs of 80 companies throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.  She’s able to perform her position because of her acquired interpersonal communications, research and problem-solving skills. 

       She finds her position in customer service and inside sales to be both challenging and rewarding.  Schaefer was quoted saying, “What I love most about my position with Welded Tubes is that I often simultaneously incorporate my bilingual Spanish and intercultural communications skills while servicing customers.”


Campus Media Consolidation in Compton

The completion of the Compton Hall renovation project this summer has not only provided a new state-of-the-art large venue classroom and a great new location for the Dr. Bob Wallace Television Studio, it has also realized the long-time goal of bringing together all three campus media organizations in close proximity to one another and the department.

ETV, The Spectator and WFSE are now working collaboratively in a great new shared office space, reflecting the realities of the converging media marketplace for which students must be prepared.

Professor Jim Wertz, faculty sponsor of ETV, says of the new digitalized ETV studio: "The new studio and control room allow us to prepare our students for professional broadcasting in a professional set-ting. They are being trained on cutting edge technology equal to what they will find in broadcast facilities nationwide."