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The student must be a Chemistry major (pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry; Bachelor of Science in Chemistry; Chemistry/Forensic Science; Chemistry/Industrial Biochemistry). The student must be enrolled full time, have earned a minimum of 60 credits, and have a minimum QPA of 3.0. The scholarship can only be awarded during the fall and/or spring semesters and is not transferable. Financial need may be a factor.  However, a student must have applied for financial aid in order for financial need to be considered as a factor in the award. The recipient(s) of the award will be determined by the Chemistry Department.

HARRINGTON-HOFFMAN SCHOLARSHIP                                

This scholarship is awarded to a student from Pennsylvania, New York, or Ohio, whose major is pre-medicine or chemistry, whose cumulative QPA is 3.3 or greater, and who will be enrolled full-time during each term of the award. This scholarship is renewable for up to three years providing the criteria continue to be met.


Both employees of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Ms. Patricia A. Hillman is a professor of Math and Computer Science and Dr. Jerra Jenrette is a professor of History.  At the time this scholarship was created, each was also the chairwoman of their respective departments.  Trish and Jerra wanted to create this scholarship to assist a deserving female student studying for a career in a field not typically populated by women. The successful candidate must be a traditional freshman or a non-traditional first-time college student, with preference given to a female student.


Dennis Howard received his undergraduate degree in science from Pennsylvania State University in 1967; a master’s degree in education, physical science from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 1974; and an MBA, executive management from Case Western University in 1984. Dianne graduated from Edinboro University in 1973 with a B.S. in Library Science and a MLS from Clarion University. Dennis and Dianne met at Lord Corporation in 1976, where Dianne manages the corporate libraries.  The endowment is utilized to support and enhance a broad spectrum of research and educational projects connecting the Howard Falls property with Edinboro University’s many science programs, including but not limited to Geology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, Geography, Natural Science, Wildlife, Industrial Biochemistry, Environmental Science/Biology, and Environmental Science/Geology. 


Mrs. Patricia R. Jarvis was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, and served in the U.S. Navy WAVES during the latter part of WWII.  In 1946 Patricia applied to and was accepted by Edinboro State Teachers College.  While in the registration line that September, she met her soon-to-be husband, Arthur Jarvis.  They were engaged in December of 1946 and married on May 31, 1947. This scholarship is dedicated in loving memory to Patricia, a beloved wife and mother, by Art Jarvis and their four children (Robert, Karen, Richard, and James).  The annual award will alternate between an Art Education major and a Secondary Education major in physics, chemistry, or mathematics.


An annual award is presented to a student who is majoring or is planning to major in chemistry at Edinboro University. While financial need may be considered, academic achievement is the critical factor in choosing the recipient.