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Mr. Eugene Antley was a professor of sociology at Edinboro University for 33 years.  He and his wife Dolores live in Arlington, Virginia, to be near their children from December to April, and in Edinboro the remainder of the year.  Mr. Antley was faculty advisor to Alpha Sigma Alpha and a beloved faculty member.  He continues to participate in numerous University fundraising events.  The scholarship is to be used to enhance access to education for incoming and current students of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. The student must be a Sociology major. Financial need may be a determining factor. 


The establishment of this scholarship demonstrates Luther V. Hendricks’ remarkable dedication to higher education with the intention of providing financial assistance to students in the social sciences programs and to encourage the same commitment to education that he demonstrated during his life.  The scholarship will be awarded to eligible students meeting the qualifications who are pursuing undergraduate degrees in the following academic disciplines.  It is the donors’ intent that the award be made to an eligible junior or senior.  The award will rotate each year to the subsequent academic area: Bachelor of Arts in History/Anthropology, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Bachelor of Science in Economics.


Both employees of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Ms. Patricia A. Hillman is a professor of Math and Computer Science and Dr. Jerra Jenrette is a professor of History.  At the time this scholarship was created, each was also the chairwoman of their respective departments.  Trish and Jerra wanted to create this scholarship to assist a deserving female student studying for a career in a field not typically populated by women. The successful candidate must be a traditional freshman or a non-traditional first-time college student, with preference given to a female student.


This award was developed by Drs. Mark and Joyce Iutcovich.  The recipient of this scholarship must be a female sophomore student majoring in sociology, enrolled full-time during the fall and spring semesters with a minimum cumulative QPA of 3.0.  The award is renewable for a maximum of three years, provided the student maintains a cumulative QPA of 3.0 and demonstrates academic progress as determined by FAFSA.  The funds from this award cannot be used for the purpose of attending classes in the summer.


The funds for this scholarship were provided by Florence Ohler, a relative of Denise Ohler.

Upperclass Student Qualifications: The recipient must be enrolled full time majoring in psychology, sociology, or social work.  The student must have a minimum of 32 earned undergraduate credits and a minimum cumulative QPA of 3.5. Financial need may be a factor.  The scholarship is renewable through the completion of 128 credits provided the following qualifications are met: the student remains enrolled on a full-time basis, maintains a minimum cumulative QPA of 3.5, and must demonstrate academic progress as determined by FAFSA.


The scholarship is to be used to enhance access to education for incoming students of Edinboro University who are declared Social Work majors. Financial need may be considered, but is not a determining factor. This scholarship is non-renewable.


The recipient of this scholarship must be an incoming freshman majoring in history, sociology, criminal justice, or social work and must remain in one of these fields.  The student should have an 1100 combined SAT (or ACT equivalent) and have graduated in the top 1/5 of their high school graduating class.  Non-traditional first semester freshman will be eligible.  The successful candidate must be full-time and maintain a cumulative 3.0 QPA.  Financial need is a factor.  The funds for this scholarship were developed by Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Zumpetta.