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Conceptual Framework

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Conceptual Framework

Vision Statement

 Edinboro University prepares highly qualified teacher candidates and related professionals who effectively facilitate student learning.  Through knowledge, skills, dispositions, experiences, and understanding of our diverse and global society, our candidates successfully contribute to the future of their students, to their own professional development, and to the well-being of the larger community.

Belief Statements

The successful professional education program prepares educators and related professionals who…

A. Accept the requirement to build a civil society that focuses on respect and embraces diversity.

B. Demonstrate pedagogical skills built on a solid foundation of discipline-specific content, reinforced by a broad liberal arts education and supervised clinical  experiences.

C. Effectively utilize community resources to support the educational and personal growth of learners.

D. Engage in a  professional learning community, committing themselves to excellence, continual study, practice, reflection, and self-improvement.

E. Exhibit continual informed decision-making, planning, and facilitation of learning based on knowledge of research, best practices, state and national student performance standards, and ethical standards of the profession.

F. Give back to the community through civic action.

G. Lead and monitor all student learners using motivational and management skills.

H. Recognize the importance of technology and are able to utilize current and appropriate technology for instruction, administration, and facilitation of learning.

I. Strive for congruence of professional and interpersonal dispositions to interact, communicate, and collaborate effectively with students, families, colleagues, and the community.

J. Utilize personal creativity, flexibility, and skill in assessing, creating and adapting instruction that provides opportunities for every student to be successful.