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Teacher Candidacy

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Teacher candidacy is a set of procedures and standards for completing teacher education programs at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Through this policy, Edinboro University ensures that its graduates meet the quality standards that are advocated at national and state levels for the preparation of teachers. Applications can be obtained in Department Offices. 

Upper level education courses cannot be scheduled until candidacy is approved. 

Courses Requiring Candidacy

Applications are to be submitted to your education advisor and then submitted to the Office of Certification & Student Teaching, Butterfield Hall Room 140. 

All applicants must attach current Edinboro University transcript.

All undergraduate applications must include a copy of your PAPA/CORE/SAT/ACT scores. 

All graduate applicants getting teacher certification must attach their official signed program of study received upon admission. 

All clearance requirements must be on file per University Policy. 

All applications must be signed by you and your education advisor.

IF YOU ARE AN UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT you should apply for candidacy when you meet the following criteria:

  • completed at least 48 credits.  
  • have a 2.8 GPA or higher.
  • passed PAPA/Core Reading, Writing, Mathematics
  • completed English 101 and 102.
  • completed a Literature course.
  • completed two Math courses according to your program curriculum
  • completed SEDU271
  • completed SPED210
  • ECED majors only: have completed ECED110
  • ECED/SPED majors only; have completed ECED120
  • HPE majors only: have completed HPE133
  • HPE majors only: HPE220, HPE225, or HPE230

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A BACCALAUREATE DEGREE and are pursuing your first teacher certification, you must meet the following standards:

  • Edinboro graduate GPA is 3.0 with at least 9 credits earned.

IF YOU ARE ALREADY CERTIFIED IN PENNSYLVANIA and getting an additional certification, you do not need to apply for candidacy. Along with your coursework, you only need to pass the required State testing in order to be certified in your additional area in Pennsylvania.  Please review PA Certification link in the School of Education menu to the left. 


While the School of Education strives to assure that the information presented above is accurate and complete, it is still the student's responsibility to keep themselves up-to-date in regards to the requirements for their particular area of study. As such, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania assumes no liability for the information presented on these pages.