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Energy Performance Project Announcement

      Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, being strongly committed to the cause of energy and water conservation, entered into a contract with, Honeywell Building Solutions an Energy Service Company (ESCO), to undertake a Comprehensive Energy Audit (CEA). As a result of this audit, Honeywell recommended numerous Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) aimed at improving efficiency and reducing the consumption of energy and water. The University entered into a Guaranteed Energy Savings Agreement (a paid-from-savings project) with Honeywell that includes several of the ECMs from the CEA consisting of lighting retrofits, fuel switches, installation of high efficiency plumbing systems, and numerous mechanical upgrades. Some of the ECMs identified in the CEA could not be included in the project because they were not operationally and/or financially feasible.

     Over 14,500 light fixtures have been replaced or retrofitted with energy efficient lighting technologies. Occupancy sensors have been installed in appropriate areas to reduce lighting operating hours. This has resulted in significant energy and maintenance savings, as well as improved lighting quality.

     Several existing HVAC control systems have been upgraded or replaced. These control systems were upgraded in order to implement energy management strategies, improve comfort and control of the mechanical systems, and provide enhanced facilities management capabilities.

     Toilets, faucets, flushometers, and other specialty devices have been replaced or retrofitted to reduce water consumption and improve the plumbing systems.

     Electrically operated hot water tanks in Van Houten Dining Hall were replaced with an equivalent gas fired boiler and insulated storage tanks. The electrically operated steam boiler was also replaced with a gas fired steam boiler.  

     Several HVAC systems that were in poor condition or had reached the end of their useful life have been replaced or upgraded. These included the replacement of air handling units, roof top units, and air distribution systems. The buildings that were addressed are Van Houten, Doucette Hall, Hamilton Hall, and Hendricks Hall.

     Older chiller systems in Van Houten and Ghering Health Center were replaced with modern energy efficient chillers. This has improved the comfort and reliability of the building air conditioning systems.

     An emergency power generator was installed at Van Houten Dining Hall. This generator provides enough electricity (1 MW) to run the entire building during an electrical outage.

The GESA construction project, costing approximately 9.7 million dollars, started February 2007 and was completed in October 2010. The performance period of the project will continue for 15 years and is expected to result in a savings/cost-avoidance of approximately 1.3 million dollars a year. Any questions and/or concerns relating to this project may be addressed to Mr. T.J. Pinney, Manager of Building Trades & Energy Management, by e-mail at or by telephone at 814-732-2826.