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Program Information - BA Theatre Arts


At this time, the University is not accepting new majors into this particular program, though its curriculum remains intact and complete for students already enrolled. 

BA - Theatre Arts

Curriculum Requirements:

I.    General Education [48 semester hours]
II.    Required Theatre Arts Courses [36 semester hours] 
    A. Required Courses [24 semester hours] 
         THEA 203 Fundamentals of Acting (3)
         THEA 218 Introduction to Theatre (3)
         THEA 311 Stagecraft I (3)
         THEA 314 Stage Lighting (3)
         THEA 315 Stage Design (3)
         THEA 318 History of the Theatre to 1642 (3)
         THEA 319 History of the Theatre 1660 to Present (3)
         THEA 405 Directing I (3)
    B. Theatre Arts Electives [12 semester hours]    
III.     Free Electives [36 semester hours]
    TOTAL:  120 semester hours

Note:  A minimum of 40% (48 semester hours) of the entire program must be upper level courses (300 and above).



Mary Paniccia Carden, Ph.D.
Centennial Hall 230
295 Meadville Street
Edinboro, PA  16444
Phone:  814-732-1584


Department Office:

Ms. Reneé Pistory
Centennial Hall 322
295 Meadville Street
Edinboro, PA  16444
Phone:  814-732-2736
Fax:  814-732-2189