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Program Information - MINOR English


MINOR - English

The minor in English is an abbreviated version of the BA degree program in English.  Within its 21 required hours, the student will sample English, American and comparative literature, and elect at least two upper division English courses.  In addition, each student will complete at least one upper division writing course and a language course.

Prerequisites:  ENGL 101 College Writing Skills or ENGL 103 College Writing Skills Advanced and ENGL 102 Specialized Writing and Research Skills or ENGL 104 Specialized Writing and Research Skills Advanced.

Curriculum Requirements:

A. Required Courses [15 semester hours] 
     ENGL 201 American Literature Survey I:  Origins-1865 (3)
     ENGL 202 American Literature Survey II:  1865-Present (3) 
     ENGL 211 Traditional Grammar (3)
     ENGL 241 English Literature from Chaucer to Milton (3)
     ENGL 242 English Literature from Swift to the Moderns (3)
     ENGL 260 Literature of the Classical World (3)
     ENGL 385 Advanced Composition (3)
B. Upper Level English Electives [6 semester hours]
     (May be taken from 300, 400, or 500 levels.)
TOTAL:  21 semester hours 









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