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Facilities Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. - How do I request to have something repaired in my residence hall room?

A. - Please see your R.A. or R.H.C. to fill out a work request form, and have them send it to the Maintenance Department. If the work request is an emergency you may call the Maintenance Department at 2826 between 8:00am and 4:30pm or the Campus Police at 2921 between 4:30pm and 8:00am. On-Line request may only be made by Res Life Staff using special ID since authorization is required for individual rooms. Do Not use on-line request using your student ID for individual rooms.
Q. 2.- How do I report something that needs repaired in an office or classroom building?

A. - You can report it to a housekeeper, fill out a work request form and send it to Maintenance, or enter the request on-line.
Q. 3.- What does a Maintenance Project mean and how do I get some construction done in an office or classroom building?

A. - Any work requiring more than 37.5 man hours, or involving change in existing building design/configuration, or requiring purchase of special material, or pertaining to installation of special equipment, or beyond the scope of routine maintenance of existing equipment is normally classified as a Maintenance Project. Such work should not be requested using the on-line web work request form. Special, multi-part, Construction Request forms are available in Facilities Office for this purpose. Please note that normally, funding availability needs to be confirmed by the requester before such projects may be reviewed by Personnel Space and Policy Committee for approval and prioritization..

Q. 4.- What is involved in technology upgrade projects that are grant funded?

A. - While developing such proposals, guidance should be taken from Technology and Communication Staff. It must be noted however, that purchase of equipment alone does not constitute a full project proposal. Allowance MUST be made for infrastructure. Space use approval comes from PSPC, while funding and allowance must also be made for cost of renovation of space (structure, flooring, wiring, electric upgrade, furniture, air-conditioning, heating, lighting, locking, replacement of boards etc.). No assumption may be made about these costs being borne by the Maintenance Department from its operational budget!

Q. 5.- Why am I not able to connect to the Web Work Request or Vehicle Registration System?

A. - The problem may present in cases of browser incompatibility or when the network may be undergoing routine or periodic maintenance. Some pages such as web work request and vehicle registration etc. are only accessible to authenticated users. This feature requires use of Internet Explorer and for the user (University employee) to enter his/her user name and password. When prompted for Domain, please enter "EUP" and if the dialog box that opens for authentication does not have a place to enter domain, then enter the prefix EUP\ with your user name "EUP\USER_NAME".  If you continue to have difficulty in sending us a work request, give us a call at 2826 and ask to speak with Carol or TJ. 

 Q. 6.- How do I reserve a room or facility for an event or activity?

A. - Use of rooms and facility is requested by originating the Facilities Request Form. The form may be obtained from the Office of Conference and Conventions (McNerney Hall) or by calling 732 2812. Reservations are first routed through the faculty advisors, then building directors, followed by Scheduling Office and finally approved by Conference and Conventions Center. It is advisable to contact Scheduling Office to check availability of the room before initiating the request. It may also be noted that all events in the University Center are scheduled and reserved by their own staff, available at telephone number 2842. Similarly, activities in Van Houten (Dining Hall) are scheduled and booked by Food Service staff, available at telephone number 2635. This department neither reserves, nor approves use of any facility. 

Q. 7.- How do I request for new or replacement furniture for an office?

A. - Furniture is normally replaced by departments using their own budget. Occasionally, departments may find limited furniture items that may be available in surplus storage with Facilities. An email or telephone enquiry or a web request may be made to determine if suitable furniture is available before ordering new.

Q. 8.- How may I report an unsafe condition in a building or in a facility?

A. - All safety issues should be brought to the notice of the Director of Environmental Health and Safety email to: Jim Miller or by telephone to 732-2826. During off hours, or in cases of emergency you may contact the Campus Police by dialing: 732-2921.

Q. 9.- How do I reserve a university vehicle for official use?

A. - University employees may reserve a van, car or executive car for University related business by calling 732 2488, or by personally visiting the State Garage. Vehicles may only be signed out by such employees, or personnel authorized to drive after the travel request has been approved. The cost code identified will incur a charge if a reserved vehicle is not signed out. For clarification/questions, please contact the Automotive Supervisor: Robert Nesbitt. You may also avail of the on-line reservation facility by clicking on the Vehicle Reservation Page under the menu item marked Services. 

Q. 10.- How much does my department have to pay if we reserve and use University vehicles?

- The charge depends on the type of vehicle, number of days the van or car is used and the mileage logged. The fee structure may be viewed by clicking on the link: Fee Structure.

Q. 11.- What paper needs to be turned in before a vehicle may be checked out from the State Garage?

A. - A vehicle may be reserved without any paper-work. However, before a vehicle may be signed out, the State Garage must receive an approved Travel Request with the driver's name specified. If such a request is initiated well in time, a copy of the form is sent to the State Garage by campus mail. It is strongly recommended that a copy of this approved request be sent to the State Garage directly, as soon as received by the requester. Once this is received, staff at the State Garage annotates the reservation on-line with a check mark, to indicate that authorization for use of this vehicle has been received

Q. 12.- How do I get a key to an office, classroom, or building?

A. - You need to fill out a key request, obtain the required signatures, and send it to the Maintenance Department. You can print a copy from the internet. If you lost the key to your residence hall room, see your R.A. or R.H.C. to request a new one.

Q. 13.- What should I do if I lose a University Key issued to me (this does not pertain to residence hall room keys - which are replaced by reporting to the Residence Life Staff)?

A. - Make a reasonable effort to find them and assume them to have been lost, if still not found. Report the lost key to Police and Facilities in an email to: and  Include in the text: - What keys were lost?  What do they give access to? Where they were lost? Do they have an ID attached to them?

  • For each master key lost, the charge is $50 and $20 for other keys. Please pay the amount due at the Bursar's Office and obtain a receipt. Have  them credit it to the Maintenance - Lost Keys Account (Org Code: 1-42100).
  • Fill out a Key request (downloadable by clicking here), and attach a copy of your email notification and Bursar's receipt to it. Obtain necessary signatures and have it delivered to the Facilities Office.
  • Once the replacement keys are ready, Facilities will notify you for pick up.

Please note that it is strictly prohibited to duplicate University Keys or to pass them to individuals not authorized to receive them. In case of any question, please call Jim Miller at 2826 or email your question to

Q. 14.- What are the guidelines for packing in preparation of an Office Move?

A. - Following guidelines may help you plan better in case yoru office is being moved:

  • Clear your bookshelves and desks of all books.  These books should be placed in cardboard boxes, sealed and your name (clearly visible) on the outside of the boxes.  Please stack these boxes in a corner or area of your office that is easily accessible to the maintenance personnel who will be moving them.  Limit the size and weight of the box to reasonable levels. (Paper sized boxes, 40-50lbs).
  • Boxes for packing are not provided by the Facilities Office.  However, if you are aware of empty boxes on campus that you would like delivered to your department for packing purposes, we can transport them. 
  • When finished packing your books and materials, please number each box and keep a master list of how many boxes and their contents.  You might want to use a system such as 1 of 7 (first box of a total of 7 boxes).
  • All personal items, such as pictures, lamps, radios, etc. should be taken home. Anything valuable must be removed because the space will be open during construction.  The maintenance personnel cannot and should not be responsible for the care of those personal items.
  • Computers and printers should be tagged with masking tape that clearly indicates your name.  It is recommended that you tag each piece of equipment in two or more places.  Equipment should be disconnected and ready to move.  If you need help in this area, please call Tech. & Comm.
  • If you have a vertical file cabinet that you will want moved to your new office location, please make certain that it its prepared in such a manner that none of the drawers will come open in the move.  Drawers heavy with papers or materials can be placed in plastic bags to keep the contents in place or you can place the materials in cardboard boxes with your names clearly indicated.  Lateral Files must be emptied.  Again, the maintenance personnel cannot be responsible for any loose papers or drawers that become loose.
  • If furniture is to be moved, please measure the new location and draw a sketch of where different pieces of furniture need to be placed. If assembling will be needed, please note that the work will probably be done a different crew and may not happen concurrently with the office move.
  • Painting is not normally done each time an office is moved. If you feel that there is a need for the new location to be painted, please make your request online and our painting crew will assess the need. You may note that while we make every effort to paint when offices are vacant, a scheduled office move must not be delayed in anticipation of painting (which may be done later).
  • Copiers that need moved should be coordinated through Purchasing (2704).