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Fire Drill Information and Guidelines


Fire Drill Scheduling

Fire drills for the fall semester begin in late September through October. Spring semester fire drills begin in April. Weather is always a factor for both the fall and spring semesters and often drills must be cancelled and re-scheduled due to inclement weather.

The EHS Office contacts the Building Directors to set up the date and time for the fire drills. The Building Director indicates the time and date that works best for the occupants of their particular building.

The goal is to minimize disruptions to the academic schedule, while still meeting the fire code requirement for fire drills. Each fire drill takes less than 5 minutes from the time the fire alarm is activated until the occupants re-enter the building.



The Building Director is responsible for notifying the persons who work in their building. Additionally, an e-mail reminder is sent to the Building Directors where fire drills are scheduled on the day before the drill. Reminders are copied to the University Police, Facilities, etc., so there are no surprises. The Director of EHS contacts University Police via radio prior to initiating the fire alarm and verifies receipt of the alarm after the drill.


Policy References

University Policy No. D007: Fire and Emergency Preparations Policy

University Policy No. D010: Evacuation of Persons with Disabilities


Evacuation Guidelines

When practical, the Director of EHS will meet with the building director prior to initiating the fire alarm. The Building Director and other designated persons should take measures to ensure that each floor is evacuated and that all doors are closed.

  1. When the fire alarm sounds, all persons must immediately evacuate the building.
  2. Persons who are unable to evacuate the building due to a disability should be assisted to the stairwell and wait at the landing for further instructions. If possible, someone should stay with the person with a disability.
  3. Doors must be closed. Please leave the lights turned on.
  4. Exit the buildings using the stairwells. NOTE: Elevators are not to be used when a fire alarm is activated.
  5. Move at least 100 ft. from the building.
  6. Whenever possible, building directors should verify that all employees have evacuated. Faculty should verify that all of their students have evacuated.
  7. No one is permitted to re-enter the building until the "All Clear" is announced.
  8. Persons authorized to give the "All Clear" are the as follows:
  • Director of EHS
  • University Police Officer
  • Edinboro Fire Department
  1. The Building Director should check the stairwells after the all clear is given and provide information to persons who were unable to evacuate that the all clear has been given.

Please share this information with the persons who work in your building.

The purpose of the fire drills is to practice building evacuation. An additional reason for practicing building evacuations is to also identify areas where we can improve. When it is an actual emergency there is no time to practice. I would appreciate any feedback you may have after the drill.