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Video Display Terminal Safety

Back in 1976, there were only about 675,000 video display terminals (VDTs) being used by American businesses. Today there are over 40 million. And while the number of VDTs has increased, so too have the number of safety concerns. One of the most prevalent problems is eye strain. And very often, some simple adjustments can prevent this type of problem. Lets take a look at what you can do:

Reduce Glare: Bright lights from other that are reflected off your computer screen can force you to strain your eyes, To cut down on glare.

Make sure your screen is not facing an uncovered window. Sunlight is a common source of glare.
Keep shades, curtains, or blinds closed enough to filter out the sun.
Sit at a right angle to the window.
Never shine a lamp directly onto the screen.
Move bright metal or glass objects away from the screen.

Adjust Contrast: Minimizing the contrast between characters on the screen and the background of the screen makes it easier on the eyes. Play with the VDTs contrast and brightness controls until your eyes feel comfortable staring at what's on the screen. Some other steps you can take to avoid eye strain include the following:

Make sure your source document is well-lighted.
Take "vision breaks" to rest the eyes. Just working on something that doesn't involve the computer can be enough to relieve eye strain.
Do eye muscle exercises. Look away from the screen and focus your eyes on few something at a distance every now and then. Blink, roll your  eyes close them tightly for a few seconds. If these exercises don't work, switch to another task for a while.
Keep the screen about 24 inches away from your face. Swivel or tilt  it to the best position for you.
Place the document holder the same distance from your eyes as the screen so you don't have to keep changing focus.
Report any other computer-related problems that may develop.