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Student Health Services offers an allergy injection service for students receiving allergy immunotherapy ordered by a physician outside of the Health Center.  The allergy injections are administered by a registered nurse who is available to administer injections and consult your allergist as indicated.

Please complete the steps listed below to begin our allergy injection service.  If you have any questions, please call 814-732-2743 and ask to speak to a registered nurse.

Step 1.  Obtain a copy of the allergy packet.

Call the Health Center at 732-2743 to request the necessary allergy injection forms or click here to print a copy of the forms. 


Step 2.  Read the documents carefully.

*The student MUST read, sign and return the compliance agreement to the Student Health Services

*Please fill out and give to the allergist the letter addressing the Student Health Services guideline for administering allergy injections

*Have your physician sign the permission to administer allergy injection by the RN at Student Health Services and return it to us by fax at 814-732-2666, in person, or by mail to:

Student Health Services
Ghering Health and Wellness Center
300 Scotland Road
Edinboro, PA 16444


Step 3.   Make an allergy injection appointment. 

Plan to remain at the Student Health Services for 20 to 30 minutes following an injection.  The injection site must be checked by a nurse prior to leaving the Health Center.  Please call 732-2743 to schedule an appointment.


Step 4.  Attend your allergy appointment.

Bring the current dated antigen which has been prescribed by your allergist to the Student Health Services where it will be stored under appropriate conditions.  Also, bring the precise written instructions from your allergist covering the dosage and time intervals of injections and include the recorded date of your last injection.  Have your allergist include instructions/orders for late/delayed injections.  First time allergy injections will not be given at Student Health Services.  

Step 5.  Pay for the injection.

There is a $5.00 fee for each injection administration up to $15.00.  The charge will be placed on your account at the Bursar's Office.


Step 6.  Schedule a return appointment for your next allergy injection.



A $15.00 no-show fee will be charged to your account if you do not cancel or reschedule prior to your appointment time or if you arrive 5 minutes late.  Also you will NOT be seen if you are late.



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