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Coming Out


Coming Out is a process.  It's neither straight-forward nor quick!  And it's a journey that needs friends!  On this page, we'll refer you to a number of different on-campus resources.  Some of these resources are right on this page!  Although Coming Out can be scary and difficult, the rewards are worth it.  Being who you are all the time is a great feeling.  We wish you well as you work on various coming out issues.

Some cautions before coming out.  Please assess your own situation for the following:

1) Personal Safety - If you tell someone you are GLBT, is there a chance of being physically harmed?;

2) Financial Dependence - Are you financially dependent on others?  If you tell them, will they stop paying for tuition, housing, food, etc.?

3) Social Connections - When you tell your friends and family that you are GLBT, you will find that some people will tell you that they already know and are very welcoming of the news.  Some will find this to be new information but they will be happy for you.  And other friends and family may have difficulty that can range from short term separation to permanent disruption of the relationship.  So, please be prepared for the range of reactions.  However, there will be many new and wonderful people that will come into your life for those that leave your life.

Please evaluate your situation in relation to the list above.  It may be a great time to com out now and it may be a great idea to wait.  Certainly, if you feel your personal safety, financial situation, or social connections are at risk, please seek assistance before coming out!  There are four wonderful campus resources to help you with the coming out process.  They are described below. 

Depending on your interests and where you are in your coming out journey, you might want to go to some meetings of the gay/straight alliance on campus - Identity.  You can check out their page on this website.  Their meetings are on Thursdays at 8:45 p.m. in Room 107 of Miller Hall.  The meetings vary in content from business meetings to movie nights and everything in between.  They are a great bunch of students that are also dealing with coming out issues.  They can offer you some good support.

Professor Hilary Copp, Ph.D., M.S.W., M.Div., will facilitate the Rainbow Group on Wedensdays from 4:00-5:30 p.m. in the LGBTQIA Resource Center in Room 112 of Centennial Hall.  This group is open to all students, faculty, and staff.

Another great resource on campus is the Counseling and Psychological Services program at the Ghering Student Health Services Center.  The professional counselors there are members of the faculty and are highly trained with sensitivity to GLBT issues and coming out.  The appointments are free and confidential.  You can make an appointment and look at their website at:

Another great resource on campus are the members of the Safe Zone Program.  These are faculty and staff who have been through training on GLBT issues.  They will display a placard on their door and are available for informal discussions.  You can certainly be yourself with them wherever you are in the coming out process.  They will understand, listen, and refer you to other resources as needed.

Check out the following Coming Out Resources here: 

Human Rights Campaign Coming Out Guide

Human Rights Campaign Coming Out Web Page with many resources