President's Commission
on the Status of
LGBTQIA Commission

Dr. Daniel Burdick, Music
(814) 732-2647

Dr. Jerra Jenrette
(814) 732-1225
History, Anthropology, and World Languages

Dr. James D. Fisher
(814) 732-1233
Criminal Justice and Political Science

LGBTQIA History Month 2012
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Files Available for Download

Safe Zone Registration Form
EUP Safe Zone Contract
EUP Safe Zone Manual

Dr. Rhonda Matthews and Dr. Daniel Burdick
Dr. Rhonda Matthews and
Dr. Daniel Burdick
Co-presenters at a
Safe Zone Training

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Dr. Daniel Burdick*, Music


Dr. Hilary Copp*, Social Work

Dr. James D. Fisher, Esq., Chair, Political Science and Criminal Justice

Dr. Gerald Hoffman, Chemistry

Dr. Jerra Jenrette, History/Anthropology

Dr. Rhonda Matthews, Sociology

Wayne E. Patteron, Assistant Director, Human Resources and Labor Relations

Clark Peters, Chief of Police

Ex-Officio Members:

Dr. Kahan Sablo, Interim Vice-President of Student Affairs and Student Success

Valerie Hayes, J.D., M.S.W., Director of Social Equity

The inclusion of names on this list does not indicate any sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identity of an individual member.  Members listed with an asterisk are openly LGBTQIA.