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Edinboro Greek Life
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Greek Week Basketball Rules

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Basketball Rules:

  • Basketball

    After the 6th team foul, on the 7th, the one and one free throw bonus will be in effect.

    There are never free throws awarded for player control fouls (ie. charging)

    A total of five (5) personal fouls constitute disqualification from the game. Technical fouls do count as personal fouls.

    A player receiving two (2) technical fouls in one night will be ejected from the game and suspended for the next two (2) games. A player may be ejected from a game without warning at the discretion of the referees.

    Technical fouls will reduce your team's sportsmanship rating by one (1) point per technical.

    Pushing, shoving or excessive physical play will result in a technical.

    The 3-second rule will be enforced in the key area.

    The 10-second rule will be in effect to get the ball past half court.

    The 5 second closely guarded rule will be in effect (6-feet)

    NO DUNKING, hanging on or touching of the rim during warm-ups or the game. The points will not count and a technical foul will be issued and a technical foul shot and possession of the ball will be awarded to the opposing team.

    A game consists of two (2) 15-minue halves, running time

    Three (3) points will be permitted. All other shots are worth two (2) points; Foul shots will be worth one (1) point.