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Greek Week Information

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Greek Week is a time honored tradition at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. The Student Life office assists in celebrating Greek life through a variety of activities which inlcude athletic, academic and philanthropic programs. Previous Greek Week winners include:


           First Place        Second Place        Third Place

1994: ΣΤΓ                      ΠΛΦ                          ΘΞ
1995: ΣΤΓ                      ΠΛΦ                          ΚΔΡ      
1996: ΣΤΓ                      ΠΛΦ                          ΚΔΡ
1997: ΣΤΓ                      ΠΛΦ                          ΦΚΘ
1998: ΘΧ                       ΣΤΓ                           ΠΛΦ
1999: ΣΤΓ                      ΘΧ                             ΦΚΘ
2000: ΣΤΓ                      ΘΧ                             ΦΚΘ
2001: ΣΤΓ                      ΘΧ                             ΦΚΣ
2002: ΘΞ                       ΦΚΣ                           ΣΤΓ
2003: ΣΤΓ                      ΘΧ                             ΦΚΣ
2004: ΣΤΓ                      ΦΚΨ                          ΘΞ 
2005:ΑΚΛ                      ΘΞ                             ΣΤΓ
2006: ΣΤΓ                      ΘΞ                             ΘΧ
2007: ΘΞ                       ΦΜΑ                           ΚΔΡ 
2008: ΚΔΡ                      ΑΚΛ                           ΛΧΑ
2009: ΛΧΑ                      ΘΧ                            ΦΜΑ
2010: ΚΔΡ                      ΘΧ                            ΑΚΛ 
2011: ΘΧ                       ΚΔΡ                           ΑΚΛ  
2012: ΚΔΡ                      ΦΜΑ                          ΛΧΑ
2013: ΛΧΑ                      ΚΔΡ                          ΦΜΑ
2014: ΘΧ                        ΛΧΑ                          ΦΜΑ


            First Place       Second Place        Third Place

1994:  ΔΖ                      ΣΣΣ                             ΑΓΔ
1995:  ΣΣΣ                    ΔΖ                               ΑΓΔ
1996:  ΣΣΣ                    ΑΓΔ                             ΔΖ     
1997:  ΑΓΔ                    ΔΖ                               ΣΣΣ
1998:  ΑΓΔ                    ΔΖ                               ΑΣΑ
1999:  ΑΓΔ                    ΣΣΣ                             ΔΖ
2000:  ΣΣΣ                    ΑΓΔ                             ΑΣΑ
2001:  ΣΣΣ                    ΑΓΔ                             ΔΖ
2002:  ΣΣΣ                    ΑΣΤ                             ΑΓΔ
2003:  ΣΣΣ                    ΑΣΑ                             ΑΓΔ
2004:  ΑΓΔ                    ΣΣΣ                             ΑΣΑ
2005:  ΑΓΔ                    ΑΣΤ                             ΣΣΣ
2006:  ΑΓΔ                    ΑΣΑ                             ΣΣΣ
2007:  ΣΣΣ                    ΑΓΔ                             ΖΤΑ
2008:  ΣΣΣ                    ΑΣΑ                             ΑΓΔ
2009:  ΑΣΑ                    ΑΓΔ                             ΣΣΣ
2010:  ZTA                    ΣΣΣ                             ΑΓΔ
2011:  ΑΣΤ                    ΣΣΣ                             ΖΤΑ
2012:  ΑΓΔ                    ZTA                             ΔΖ
2013:  ΑΓΔ                    ZTA                             ΣΣΣ
2014:  ΔΖ                      ΑΓΔ                             ZTA