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Greek Week Schedule

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 April 11- 17, 2015

Theme: The 1990s


Saturday 4/11:     9 AM - Softball
                             7 PM - Greek Sing and Dance                              

Sunday 4/12:       9 AM - The BIG Event
                             1 PM - Field Events & Kick Off Cook Out
                             6 PM - Board Games

Monday 4/13:       5 PM - Dodgeball
                             9 PM - Bowling

Tuesday 4/14:        

Wednesday 4/15:  

Thursday 4/16:      

Friday 4/17:             

Miscellaneous: The judges for all of the events will be non-biased.  In each event, a team will be given one warning for arguing over a call and if it happens again by the same team, THE ENTIRE TEAM WILL BE ELIMINATED!!


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