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Greek Week Field Event Rules

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T-shirt Design


One t-shirt or layout of a t-shirt shall be provided to the GW chair no  later than 4pm Friday, April 15th.


Design can be on a t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, or pull over hoodie.  Other tops can be approved two months before judging at the discretion of the GW chairs.


Must be theme based and include both organizations’ letters (or just one in the case of running alone)


Designs will judged on the following criteria


            Incorporation of theme and Greek week

            Judges Opinion


NO OBSCENITIES WILL BE PERMITTED. It will be up to the judges to decide if a team will be disqualified because of the obscenities. If the design is considered obscene the judge reserves the right to deduct points or even disqualify the organization from the event. Review committee approval is necessary for any actions to be taken



Greek Week Sign


Each organization shall make a sign promoting greek week.


Each Sign Shall be due at greek sing/dance event no later than 4 p.m. April 15th


Each sign must have all participating organizations letters on it. 


Also the sign must be associated with the overriding theme ‘Countries’


Dimensions shall not exceed a 4 by 4 foot square.


The sign will be judged on the following criteria


            Association with the theme

            Judges Opinion


Tug Of War


There will be no weight limit.

Each organization may have up to six people on a team.

Steel cleats are NOT permitted.

The anchorperson is NOT permitted to wrap the rope around the waist.

There will be no substitutes, except in the case of an emergency.

If a team pulls twice in a row there will be 5min break before the next pull.

Gloves are permitted.

No DIGGING is permitted.

Double elimination; best of 3 pulls.

Chariot Race


Each organization must have their own handmade chariot. (Organizations may use their running mates chariot if they like.)


The race will be to the finish line as marked.


When chariot is free standing, all wheels must be on the ground.


No Artificial power, only human power may be used.


Four people at most can pull the chariot


Winners will be determined by the first part of the chariot body to cross the finish line.


You must have some type of vehicle. Nobody should be carried by anyone else.


Pie Eating Contest


Each organization will be given one pie.


Two members will participate.  One person must not use his or her hands and is the only person able to ingest pie.  Other teammate can use hands to assist the eater.


Order of finishing pies, as determined by the judge, shall be the rank order of places.


Three-legged race


The race will be approximately 50 yards.


Each team must have two ties, one at the ankles and the other above the knees.


If either tie breaks the team will be disqualified.


Anything can be used as ties, including tape.


Egg Toss

1.      Gather all participants and have them pair off into teams of two.

2.      2. Line up all players in two rows, with each team member facing one another. Teams will start with each member standing approximately 1 ft. apart, with plenty of space between each team for everyone to toss and catch their eggs comfortably.

3.      Distribute one raw egg to one person on each team.

4.      Toss the eggs.

            On command, all team members on one side will gently toss their egg to their         teammate on    the other side. If an egg is broken, that team is eliminated from the     competition. If the egg remains unbroken, the team progresses to the next             level.    An egg that hits the ground without breaking remains in play as if it had             been     caught.


       5.  Catch the egg.

            Everyone who is still in the game  will take one step backwards. The egg is then     tossed back to the original teammate. Again, any team that breaks its egg is       eliminated, and others progress to the next level.


       6.  Egg toss victory!

            Continue stepping backwards and tossing the eggs until only one team remains.     This team is the egg toss champion. If all teams break their eggs on the same round additional eggs will be passed out to replay the round


Capture the Flag

1.      Teams will consist of 4 members of your organization


2.    Two game flags will be placed in specific predetermined locations on campus.


3.    Split into attacker and defender groups within your team.


4.     Attempt to sneak to find and capture the enemy flag, and then race back without being caught if you are an attacker.


5.    Capture enemy players by removing their belt flags  while they have your game flag. Only the player with the game flag can have the flags from their belt removed. Similar to flag football


6. A team wins by capturing the other teams game flag and returning it to the location of their flag, or by eliminating all of the other teams members. Said team flag does not have to be at their base to win.


7. Teams may not create protective barriers around the game flag carrier


8. Teams may not fight over a game flag, once the game flag carrier has had their flags removed they must exit the game


9.  If no team is able to capture the flag after 5 minutes we will move to a sudden death one vs. one round where the first team member to return to their base with the other teams game flag wins.