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Edinboro Greek Life
Frank G. Pogue Student Center
Room 233
Edinboro, PA  16444
Phone: 814.732.1459
Fax: 814.732.2665


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Greek Week Sing Rules



Greek Sing 2011


    The song shall be a creative interpretation of either the national anthem of your country or of a song performed by an artist from that country (judges will provided with the original theme songs prior to the competition)


    No voice amplification shall be used.


    Singers will receive points in accordance to their finish.


    There will be no piano provided; all other accompaniments are permitted as long as an active member of the organization plays it.


    The song shall be scored on the following aspects:


                Incorporation of Greek Life into theme song

                Audience Participation

                Overall Judges Opinion


    Contestants must bring their own music (cd or tape) to the GW chairs no later than one week before the event (Friday, April 8th). The cd/tape should be labeled with the organizations name placed visibly and legibly on them. The stage should be set at the start of the music to be played. The stage crewmember will place all cds/tapes in the order that they are to be played.


    NO OBSCENITIES WILL BE PERMITTED. It will be up to the judges to decide if a team will be disqualified because of the obscenities. If the music is considered obscene the judge reserves the right to deduct points or even disqualify the organization from the event. Review committee approval is necessary for any actions to be taken